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At the trash heap, Kanjuro helped the trapped citizens and soldiers by pulling crude ladders to the surface (although they complain about how terrible the ladders were pulled).
At the SMILE factory, the dwarves continue to fight Donquixote’s staff. The staff member who whipped Chao in an attempt to defend himself lied to the dwarf saying that Mansherry would not be healed. Another dwarf put plugs in Chao’s ears and told him that the staff was trying to lie. Chao took revenge on the abusive employee by waving him in the air. They end up defeating the staff with earplugs while Maujii rushes to save Princess Mansherry, hoping that her illness was a lie. Despite the room she’s being held in saying “stay away”, Moussy bursts in, much to their shock. Unfortunately for them, they see that it is empty and Mansherry is not there. Seeing that he is not there, the dwarves decide to open the door to the factory. While this is going on, Franky continues his fight with Senor Pink and when he hears the door start to open, he lies to Pink about an old woman who needs help in the alley.
As the dwarves try to open the door, the factory boss Kyuin stops them and tells them that they were all born nothing but slaves to them. Refusing to let them go, Kyuin used her vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up several dwarves. They try to open the door but are vacuumed before they can. Luckily, Franky shows up and opens the door completely for them. As he congratulates them on their work, the dwarves marvel at his body, while Inhel and the others tell them that Franky is their ally. Kyuin realizes who Franky is and is amazed that he made it this far while she tries to catch up with him alone. However, Franky grabs her, making the dwarves believe that he loves her now that he’s hugging her, to which Pink returns angrily to find out that Franky lied (but is relieved that no old lady needed help). Kyuin continues to take Franky’s punches, but the cyborg remains calm as Pink attacks while Franky uses Kyuin to headbutt Pink in the collision.
When Kyuin recovers, she swears that she will tear Franky to pieces and that she is the boss of the factory. However, Franky pulls her in and kisses her to silence her, much to the dwarves’ shock. Kyuin then starts acting very shy and tells Franky that he needs to take responsibility for his actions and become her friend, but Franky ignores her. Pink gets up and tells her to stay out of it, calling her a naive young girl and that it’s a fight between men because he and Franky are heartbreakers. Their statement caused the surrounding female fans to swoon over the masculinity of both Senor Pink and Franky. They then decide to take the fight seriously and unleash their “Diaper Bomb” and “Special Nipple Light” attacks on each other.
The scene changes to Zoro vs Pica as Pica curses Zoro for letting Robin’s group escape and vows to leave no one alive. Robin’s group then make it to the first level while Leo gets a call from Moussy, who reveals that Mansherry may be in the palace with Doflamingo.
At the King’s Plateau, the citizens begin to ascend to his and Usopp’s location. Usopp panics but Viola and Doldo remain calm as they have nowhere to hide in the state the kingdom is in and the citizens wouldn’t do them any harm. Doldo tells Viola to use her ability to search everywhere for Mansherry’s location. She claims that Doflamingo wouldn’t kill her because her ability is useful to him. In the royal palace, a guard is seen feeding Mansherry food as she screams that she wants to go home and begs Leo to save her.

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