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Viola searches the entire palace for Mansherry, trying places she’s never been while serving the Donquijote family. Usopp marvels at Viola’s strength when Tank Lepanto notices the arrival of two strangers, Kin’emon and Kanjuro. He puts Kin’emon in the nitrate, but Usopp stops him, asking what Kanjur’s poorly drawn bird is. Kin’emon expresses his surprise that Usopp, Viola, Lepanto and Riku managed to get up to the King’s Platform while a bunch of pirates were now trying to climb up there. Usopp agrees to record the cause of the rocks they can’t climb, but Kanjuro reveals that he drew ladders for them and the citizens are now starting to climb up the ladders, much to Usopp’s horror, angrily asking why he did this. Kanjuro realizes he shouldn’t have done that, just as Viola finds Mansherry’s location. Feeling ashamed for doing such a thing, Kanjuro attempts Seppuku, to which Kin’emon stops him, but Usopp tells him to do it. Usopp then asks who Kanjuro is and he introduces him. Viola then relays the information to Leo and Rebecca, to whom Leo expresses his concerns about Mansherry. Viola tells him the location and he realizes it’s a “rest” room. Leo then starts crying because it reminds him of Scarlett and that whenever he and the others visit the palace they get into trouble with Viola from Dold, but Scarlett brings them food to which Leo admits that he misses Scarlett. Leo thanks Viola for the information and she tells him to be careful.
When they reach the third level, Robin notices some black orbs heading their way as he tries to warn Bartolomeo, but he is too engrossed in working with the Straw Hats and is attacked by a “Punc Bala” blast. As Bartolomeo falls, Kabu warns them of Pamu Pamu no Mi as Robin begins to fall as well. Gladius sees them and goes after Rebecca, noting that he didn’t see people coming from above, but Robin uses her powers and grabs him, telling Rebecca that she’ll deal with Gladius and telling her to move on.
Back on the plateau, Usopp (after giving Kin’emon and Kanjuro a beating) hears from Viola that she saw some ugly toys in her direction and discovers that Sugar is awake, much to Usopp’s horror. Usopp says she should be out for at least two or three days after his “Sure-Kill-Jack-in-the-box” face. Viola is worried because Luffy doesn’t know about her powers and they are in trouble. At the palace, Sugar screams in horror when she sees a foot soldier with a long nose and gives her sausages to eat, to which Sugar yells at him that people with long noses should die and she won’t eat anything that looks like a long nose and just wants grapes. She then turns him into a nutcracker while frustrated at Doflamingo’s failure and vows to turn everyone in the land into toys, especially Usopp.
At level 3, Cavendish tells Farul to run away, but the horse is bitten by a nutcracker. Luffy blasts him with a jet gun while Cavendish tends to Farul noticing that his head is crushed. The toy easily recovers despite the hole in his chest much to Luffy’s shock. Cavendish angrily retaliates against the toy with Biken: Round Table, which cuts off the toy’s head. However, he regains consciousness when the trio stand in front of many toys, thinking they are immortal. Law curses the situation, noting that he could make short work of them if he was uncuffed. Just then, Luffy sees something fall from the sky as Bartolomeo lands on a soldier and Robin flies down. As Robin reacquaints himself with Luffy, Law demands the key to his bonds. Gladius falls as he berates Rebecca on the run, as he muses that she was able to escape on her own, vowing to finish her off himself. He then introduces himself as he prepares to face off against his opponents. Robin and Bartolomeo tell Luffy and the others to advance, saying that they will fight Gladius and the Nutcrackers. He then tells them that Rebecca is in the flower fields waiting for them and has Law’s key.
In the flower fields, Rebekah’s group makes it while she takes care of Robin, but Leo assures her that she and the crew are strong. Leo says he has to go save Mansherry and asks Rebecca if she’ll be okay on her own. He says it will be fine that Luffy and his friends will be in the fields any minute. As Leo and Kabu leave, Rebecca notices that her father is also outside. Just then, there is a noise in the fields as a figure rises from the dense flower field. The figure is revealed to be Diamante, who smiles at Rebecca’s sudden appearance, while Rebecca is horrified by his presence.

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