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On level 3 of the Royal Palace Plateau, Gladius fires several Rupture Balls at Luffy’s party, but Bartolomeo blocks them with a barrier. He then uses the barrier to create a staircase and excitedly tells an excited Luffy to use it. Luffy thanks Bartolomeo and the latter reflects on the fact that he adores the former and thanks him for his mere existence. Luffy picks up the still handcuffed Law and runs up the stairs, but the nutcrackers try to climb the sides and block them. However, Kyros charges forward and chops their heads off at their mouths before continuing forward up the stairs first. Cavendish tells the three that he will take care of the rest of the Nutcrackers while they go forward, citing his desire to avenge Farul as the reason.
Suddenly, Gladius throws several balls at the stairs, but Bartolomeo blocks them, this time using his body instead of barriers. Cavendish angrily asks him why he didn’t use barriers, but Bartolomeo explains that the surface area of ​​his barriers is limited and the stairs took it all up. He states that he would gladly do anything for Luffy, even give up his life. Cavendish is angry, but says he will fight alongside the fighter until he can use his barriers again. Suddenly, the Nutcracker tries to attack Bartolomeo, but Nico Robin quickly ends it with a Cinco Mano: Spank without looking. Robin empathizes with Bartolomeo and says that Luffy was worth risking their lives for, before declaring that he is the winning trump card. Scenes of various allies and crew members in the middle of their battles are shown as Robin makes the statement. Robin then uses Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano, which surrounds Gladius with giant arms, knocking several nutcrackers aside as Robin declares that she won’t let him lay a hand on her captain.
Elsewhere, the fight between Fujitora and Sabo continues. The Admiral questions Sabo about his goals, but Sabo knows that he is not serious. Fujitora asks Sab to sympathize with him since he is blind, but the Revolutionary says that he will not treat him any differently than any other enemy. Declaring that he must keep his title, Fujitora decides to be serious, unleashing an attack that creates a gravitational force that pushes everything to his left. Sabo rushes to attack Fujitora, thrilled that he was able to take the admiral seriously, while wondering what his real plan is. Fujitora is able to counter his punch and says that if Sabo wants to play this “game” against him, he must be prepared to lose his life if he loses.
Meanwhile, Rebecca hides in the Sunflower Fields because she doesn’t want to fight Diamante. Diamante taunts her about her gladiator past and how she was once the pinnacle of the Coliseum, but now it’s time to get rid of her. He swings his sword in her place, knocking her to the ground, wounded. Rebecca thinks about how Diamante killed her mother Scarlett, while Diamante decides to kill Rebecca with a gun like he killed Scarlett. Upon hearing his choice, Rebecca yells for the Thunder Soldier to come when he suddenly rushes in and slashes at Diamante with his sword, now appearing as Kyros to him and Rebecca for the first time. Diamante is incredibly shocked and terrified to see him, and Kyros shouts that he will not let Executive Donquixote take two of his family members. At the same time, Rebecca notices her savior’s missing leg and thinks about how the legendary warrior Kyros was also Thunder’s soldier, her guardian, and her father. Kyros apologizes to his daughter that as a Thunder Soldier he can do nothing but teach her how to fight. Now he promises that Rebecca doesn’t have to fight anymore. Diamante asks Kyros what he means, and Kyros responds by declaring that all their lives (referring to the Donquixote pirates) will be forfeited.
Suddenly, Luffy and Law reach the top of the stairs and yell for Rebecca to give them the key to Law’s bonds as the nutcracker approaches them. Seconds later, Law is freed and the nutcracker is hacked to pieces, making Diamante extremely angry. Kyros tells the two that he has his hands full with Executive Donquixote, so he leaves Doflamingo to Luffy and Law.

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