One Piece Manga Chapter 76

One Piece Manga Chapter 76

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Nami tells the straw pirates to leave the island and stay away from Arlong. She tells Luffy that they are not her crewmates and that she has never seen them like that. Luffy decides to go to sleep on the spot, which infuriates her. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Usopp is alive and that Nami faked his death to save him from being killed by Arlong.
Nojiko appears in Luffy’s group and begins to tell the crew the story of Nami’s past under the condition that they leave when she is done. Meanwhile, the 16th Marines arrive at the village along with their captain, Nezumi. Nezumi asks Genzo to lead them to Nami’s house.
When Luffy refers to Nami as his crewmate, he tells him that she is nothing more than a nuisance. She says she only stayed with them for their money. Zoro argues with Sanji that he is making things more complicated with his romantic advances towards her. Sanji responds by saying that love is like a hurricane.
Johnny interrupts their argument as he yells at Nami, calling her a witch. She says that all she cares about is getting all the money hidden in the Cocoyasi village, where she is willing to join the Arlong Pirates, going so far as to kill people to do so. He follows this up by calling her a witch again and that she is cold-blooded. He swears he saw her kill Usopp. Nami is unfazed and asks Johnny what he’s going to do about it. Johnny is surprised back.
He also tells them that if they want to live, they better stay out of Arlong’s business as he is enraged by Zoro’s trick. Nami says that Luffy and his crew may be monsters, but they are no match for a real monster. Zoro replies that he didn’t care and asks where Usopp is. Nami tells him that he is at the bottom of the ocean. Exasperated, Zoro attempts to attack Nami, but Sanji stops him. The two begin to argue. Zoro tells him not to interfere when he has no idea what’s going on. Sanji ignores him and tells him that he’s just irritated after losing to Mihawk. Zoro gets angry and points his sword at Sanji’s neck. Sanji taunts him and tells him to just try. Yosaku tells the two of them to stop as they are in a serious situation right now.
Nami tells them to leave and go fight elsewhere and she doesn’t care, she says goodbye to them. Luffy then promptly fell asleep on the spot, announcing that he was sleepy and didn’t care what was happening on the island. Nami then yells at him saying that she can die for all she cares. Afterwards, Johnny and Yosaku decide to split up with Luffy and the others, fearing that Arlong will hunt them down and kill them. They tell everyone that they will meet again one day.
Meanwhile, Usopp, who is revealed to be alive, wanders through the village of Cocoyasi. He wonders and asks himself why Nami would pretend to kill him but stab her own arm instead. It then occurs to him that Nami was actually trying to save him from being killed by Arlong and concludes that she is not a witch. After realizing this, Usopp decides to look for Zoro. He remembers the octopus telling him that Zoro was looking for Arlong earlier. Frightened, he assumes that Zoro may have returned to Arlong Park to look for him. He decides to run straight to Arlong Park to save his crewmate. However, he sees Zora running in the distance.
At the same time, Sanji asks Zoro if he thinks Nami killed Usopp. Zoro tells him that it’s possible because she got upset after Usopp called her “little one” last time. Sanji gets angry as he thinks Zoro was referring to Nami’s breast size. Sanji and Zoro then clash, but Usopp gets caught in the crossfire and injures his face.
Meanwhile, Nojiko is outside in the tangerine fields and hears the door of the house slam. He walks in and notices Nami with her head on the table. Nojiko comments on the mess of thrown furniture and broken glass on the floor that Nami has made and asks her if something is wrong. Nami says that at first she just relaxed a bit before opening up to her sister. Nojiko then understands that her friends have come to take her back and understands why she is upset because nothing upsets Nami more than having to say the word “friend”.
Back with the Straw Hats, Luffy is shocked by Usopp’s face. He asks if Nami was to blame, Sanji and Zoro take responsibility for it. Usopp tells Luffy that Nami saved him and feels that Nami joined the Arlong Pirates for another reason. Nojiko then appears and tells them that it’s pointless and there’s no way they can change Arlong’s rule. She then agrees to tell the crew about Namie’s past, but they have to leave when she’s done.
Captain Nezumi of the 16th Naval Branch appears in the village with his team and asks Genzo to lead them to Nami’s house.

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