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At Dressrosa, Koala finds Saba and finds out if he’s okay. Sabo says he is, while Koala berates him for not holding his ground, stating that he shouldn’t fight the Admiral just because he likes it. He says that he could take the Revolutionary Army to war with them, but Sabo retorts, stating that all that mattered was that he saved Luffy. The koala then nibbles hard on his cheeks and continues to scold him. Sabo then recalls his conversation with Fujitora when the admiral stated that marines in this country cannot become heroes. When Sabo asks what others will think of his opinion and he says, he then uses the excuse that he was compromised. Sabo says it’s a gamble and adds that he hopes the admiral gets lucky. Back in the present, Sabo, oblivious to the Koala, is still being pinched as she yells that Hack and her are always the ones who suffer instead of him when people are upset with his selfishness.
At Usopp’s place, the citizens release Usopp and the others to much confusion. They further state that by simply manipulating Dold for one night 10 years ago, Doflamingo was able to turn the entire country against him and his bloodline. They state that after realizing the truth, they want to be saved from Doflamingo’s cruel game. They go on to state that they were confused and don’t know what to do and beg their former king to help them. The citizens then bow to Dold and declare that if he wants them to fight, they will. Doldo asks them to wait a little longer as he realizes that he too is putting his trust in Luffy. Just then, Fujitora appears, to the surprise (and horror) of the Straw Hats. He declares that he will not allow Dressros to go to war either. He then tells Dold that he will join him and bet on Luffy.
In the King’s Palace on Level 4, Doflamingo is seen recovering from Luffy’s Red Hawk spitting blood on him. Law tells Luffy that all the damage they’ve managed to do is superficial wounds, and claims that the strategy they used won’t work a second time. Trebol tries to pull himself together as he says he knows all about Law’s powers and that they originally wanted Ope Ope no Mi for themselves. However, he cannot reform as usual. Law reveals that the “Radio Knife” is something that creates a different cut than a normal amputation, and that he will be unable to reattach his body for several minutes. Law rushes Trebol using a move called “Injection Shot” as Trebol tries to understand Law, saying that he helped take care of him. Trebol uses “Snot Sword” but Law dodges and attacks, but Doflamingo kicks Law’s attack away. Doflamingo charges in as Trebol grabs Law’s legs as Doflamingo uses “Full Bright” which impales Law from above. Luffy notices this and tries to help him, but Doflamingo rushes in to kick him. Luffy hardens his arm with Busoshoku Haki, but Doflamingo does the same with his leg and overpowers Luffy. Doflamingo then uses his powers to tie Luffy’s hands behind his back and have Bellamy slash Luffy with his sword.
As the duo lay incapacitated, Doflamingo tells Law how he hates being looked down upon. He goes on to call them scum and that the fact that they actually thought they could defeat him was ridiculous, revealing the sacred bloodline of his World Noble heritage. As Luffy and Bellamy react in shock at this revelation (the law having been discovered earlier), Doflamingo says that his father abandoned all of his former wealth and privileges and took him and his entire family to the world’s garbage dump. Calling his father’s wish to “live like real people” nonsense and foolishness, Doflamingo mocks his father and says how much he hated him. He then remembers asking his father where the slaves were as a child and wanting to buy some. He then tells his father that a commoner spoke to him and wants to borrow his gun. A scene is shown where his mother dies as Doflamingo blames his father for her death for living in a dirty place. Back in the present-day states, Doflamingo saw the heaven and hell of the world when he was 8 and later killed him and took his head back to Mary Geoise to reclaim his inheritance. However, the Heavenly Dragons labeled them a “traitor family” and refused to accept him as one again. Doflamingo then vowed to destroy every part of the world they ruled. He tells them that the life they lived is nothing compared to what he went through and that a grown man has no time to play childish games with them.

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