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In the northwest city of Dressrosa, Primula, the marines try to stop the panicked animals from charging towards Doflamingo’s birdcage, resulting in their major injuries. Meanwhile, the pirates are pillaging the towns and are attacked by other marines. Vice Admiral Maynard is soon informed by a marine about the fight between Fujitora and Sabo, which has ended in a stalemate. Concerned about Fujitora’s idea of ​​world government, Maynard quickly orders his men to ease the chaos in a city where pirates are running rampant and people are dying. The girl is then seen crying over her dying father.
Meanwhile, on top of the palace, a clone of Doflamingo and Bellamy attack Luffy, who fights back by using his legs to defend himself with a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Octopus Stamp”. However, he is hit by Doflamingo’s clone and thrown down from the palace. Doflamingo’s clone and Bellamy followed him down, taunting Luffy about what he didn’t know what the fallen world noble could do. Luffy comes back and doesn’t seem to care at all.
Law manages to get to his feet. As the real Doflamingo prepares to kill him, Law questions Doflamingo about his fallen status, yet he still has the ability to mobilize CP0. Doflamingo reveals that he knows of the “Mary Geoise National Treasure” that will shake the world if its existence is revealed to the public. Because of this, he cannot be killed by the world nobles who wanted his death incessantly, he finally managed to use his knowledge to blackmail them and get their cooperation.
The Sky Demon soon bemoans the power of the Ope Ope no Mi he was supposed to take then, adding that if he possessed it, he would have the power to control the Mary Geoise National Treasure and take over the world. . He further comments on Ope Ope no Mi’s power of being able to transplant a personality and asks Law what its true power is, stating that it is able to fulfill humanity’s greatest dream and is therefore known as the “Ultimate Devil Fruit.” “. Law replies that he knows about it but doesn’t care, revealing his strongest power is to grant eternal life with “Ageless Surgery”, which when used will also kill Ope Ope no Mi users. Doflamingo shouts that he never wanted Law to really had, and attacks him, reminding Law of the many teachings he received in the past from Diamante, Lao G, and Gladius, Law soon states that the reason he is there is because of Corazon, and that he will be able to attack right now at Doflamingo.
As they continue to fight, Law flashes back to 16 years ago, in the port city of Spider Miles, somewhere in the North Blue. The younger Diamante and Trebol talk to the baby Trafalgar Law who says he will die in three years and two months as his dead parents said so he wants to kill and destroy everything as much as he can. Diamante replies that Law is a crazy kid and says that many of the kids who “try out” for the crew always run away crying after two days, revealing that Baby 5 and Buffalo, who appeared outside the building, are and say that Corazon is back, they are the only children left. Corazon enters the room and slides to the ground thanks to a prank played by the young Baby 5 and Buffalo, who both laugh at his awkward fall. He gets angry and hits both children. However, Child 5 soon after offers him tea that is actually brewing, causing Corazon to spit out the tea and fall back again. As Baby 5 laughs at him, he appears to start cleaning up the mess. Diamante then comments that Cora-san is stupid and unfocused, but claims that she has a talent and lost her ability to speak due to a traumatic incident from her long past. He also says that he hates children, just as Corazon grabs young Law by the head and throws him out the window. Corazon lights a cigarette, igniting her coat in the process. Barely surviving the fall, Law looks up at the burning Corazon in shock and vows to kill him.

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