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16 years ago, a week after Law joined the crew, the Donquixote Pirates are having dinner together. The main topic of discussion is how Law was defeated by Corazon, and they remind him not to forget the Donquijotic rules of blood: Anyone who mocks the authority of the executive officers will be tortured and killed. Buffalo nearly does when he laughs at Pic’s voice, but this threat doesn’t faze Law, who says he’s seen hell. Machvise and Giolla then point out Law’s illness, Amber Lead Syndrome, which causes Buffalo to overreact, but Doflamingo slaps his hand down and berates Giolla for spreading rumours, as Amber Lead Syndrome is a poison and not a disease that can be spread. Doflamingo asks Law if there are any other survivors from Flevance, and Law replies that he is not sure, as he had to hide among the pile of corpses to escape. Doflamingo then asks Law what he hates so much, and Law replies that he doesn’t believe in anything and vows to get revenge on Corazon for throwing him out the window, much to Baby 5’s shock.
Later, Baby 5 asks Gladius about the White City where Law is from, and Gladius tells her his name is Flevance. In Flevanc, all the citizens were rich and the city was so beautiful that it looked like something from a fairy tale. The source of all this wealth was Amber Lead, which was found underground and could be made into all sorts of beautiful things. The value of this metal attracted the attention of world governments, which helped transport this bottomless source of money. Baby 5 says she wants to go there, but Lao G tells her it doesn’t exist anymore. Gladius and Lao G then reveal that for 100 years the world government and King Flevance knew the truth about amber lead almost a century before it was even mined: it was poisonous to handle. However, they kept it a secret from the people because they wanted the amber lead fortune. The worst part was that it was a slow acting poison. Each generation born with amber lead poisoning had a shorter lifespan than the previous generation, until Law’s generation, which died before they became adults. But when the people of Flevance realized this, it was too late.
Because of the generation gap in the symptoms of poisoning, they all got sick at about the same time. People began to drop dead quickly, but while Gladius and Lao G were in this section, Senor Pink swam in and said that the real tragedy had just begun. When the countries neighboring Flevance found out what was happening to the humans, they stopped trading with them and effectively quarantined them. The World Government evacuated the royal family, leaving the rest of the people to be shot in fear if they tried to seek help in neighboring countries. Finally, Flevance had enough and went to war with neighboring countries. This led to the evacuation of the children, including Law. Law refused to leave because his sister Lami was about to die, so the nun in charge of him agreed to let him wait for the next ship. When Law saw that the other children were determined to live on, the nun expressed hope for the world’s mercy.
At the Flevan hospital, doctors, including Law’s father, were unsuccessful in their efforts to find a cure for the poisoning, expressing their frustration at the world government’s refusal to tell the truth about the non-contagious nature of amber lead poisoning. Law visited his sick sister Lami and expressed his belief that their father would find a cure. When Lami heard the loud sounds of battle outside, Law lied to her to calm her down, saying it was a typical festival. However, he headed outside to find his parents, the nun, and all the children gunned down by an invading army bent on killing every syndrome carrier. Law breaks down in tears and becomes completely hysterical after the attackers burn down the hospital Lami was in and complete the total destruction of Flevance. Senor Pink says that after going through such an ordeal at the age of ten, it’s no wonder Law’s personality is messed up.
Elsewhere, Law finds Corazon smoking on a pile of rubble. He swings his sword and says that Corazon had no right to live because his parents and sister died. Law lunges at Corazon and manages to stab him in the back, but his action is witnessed by a shocked Buffalo. Buffalo then rushes in to report Law’s violation of the Blood Rules to Doflamingo, who is currently sleeping, leading to Law being tortured with a stick and then killed for his crime.

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