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Doflamingo has a nightmare about him and his family being hanged from a building by a large mob eager to avenge the wrongs they suffered at the hands of the world’s nobles. The crowd debates whether to kill them or let them suffer, as well as how best to let them suffer. Individuals tell the Donquijote family about the atrocities the worldly nobles have inflicted on them and their loved ones, and how the tax the worldly nobles demanded has sent them into poverty. One person taunts Doflamingo’s family about how horrible the World Nobles were and asks them if they even know what pain and suffering is. Suddenly, Doflamingo’s Den Den Mushi rings, waking him up in a cold sweat. Shaking and breathing heavily, Doflamingo puts his glasses on, pours himself a drink and goes to pick up the phone.
33 years ago in Mary Geoise, Donquijote Homing, Doflamingo’s father, prepares to leave the life of a world noble along with his wife and two children. The other world nobles are shocked and angered by Homing’s desire to leave, as well as his belief that he was only human. The Donquijotes are taken to the northern end of a non-World Government state and given a mansion and a small fortune to live the peaceful life Homing desires. However, Doflamingo doesn’t realize what his father’s actions meant and immediately asks to get some slaves. When Doflamingo takes to the streets, he is shocked to find that the other citizens will not bow down to him, and is disoriented by not having a weapon handy. Doflamingo’s loud complaints alert the people to the Donquijote heritage and they burn down the Donquijote mansion.
The family manages to escape and find temporary shelter in an old house surrounded by trash while Doflamingo complains constantly. Homing called the other world nobles and asked them to allow his wife and children to return to Mary Geoise, but was denied, saying that this was the life he had chosen and that they could no longer return, saying that they did not accept discarded items .
Doflamingo and Rosinante, Corazon’s real name, were then shown experiencing the hardships of being human: being beaten by a bunch of cutthroats and eating scraps to satisfy their hunger. Shortly after, their mother died and Doflamingo blamed his father for everything that happened.
Back in the present, Law was then brought to Doflamingo thinking he would be punished for what he did to Corazon. Law, surprised that Corazon seemed as oblivious as ever next to his brother, fell silent when Doflamingo said that he intended to make the boy a member of the Donquixote family, explaining that Law had potential.
Even so, Law remains skeptical, knowing that he will die within three years. Doflamingo was optimistic and informed the boy about his black market business. That in three years they might find a Devil Fruit that can cure Law’s illness. Doflamingo himself promised to train the boy as he intended him to be his right-hand man.
Law learned that Corazon did not report his actions and instead protected him by lying about the wound, as the enemy did.
Law would spend the next two years with the Donquixote Pirates with Corazon’s occasional mishaps. While a member of the Donquijote Pirates, he learned swordsmanship from Diamante, shooting from Gladius, and martial arts from Lao G while being personally tutored by Doflamingo.
Law noticed the white spots getting worse and informed Buffalo and Baby 5 that he might not last another year, so he didn’t care if he told them his real name or not. Buffalo threatens to expel him, and after constant prodding from the two, Law reveals his full name to be Trafalgar D. Water Law. D. is supposed to be a secret and Water was his real name. The two even thought his name was boring, and Law responded with a look, making Baby 5 cry.
Appearing out of nowhere, Corazon grabs Law and carries him to a remote location. It was here that Corazon spoke for the first time, surprising even the boy himself. He tells Law that people like him can’t be anywhere near Doflamingo and urges him to leave.

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