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Surprised that Corazon can speak, Law questions why he would hide all of this from Doflamingo, to which Corazon says that Doflamingo has concluded that he cannot speak. When Law starts to scream, Corazon snaps his fingers and says, “Shut up,” and Law can’t hear him speak now. He wondered what he had done, knowing that he could definitely tell that people outside were having a conversation. Corazon reveals that he put up a soundproof barrier because Law was making a scene and inside his soundproof wall no one can hear them talking and those outside can’t hear them either, showing that he is a silent person who ate Nagi Nagi no Mi. Law then reacts in shock, wondering if Corazon was always just pretending to be dumb and clumsy, to which Corazon says it was all an act (though the latter sets his cloak on fire, revealing he’s always been clumsy).
Although Corazon admits that he has always been clumsy, Law demands why he would hide all this from his friends. Corazon reveals that he never considered them friends. As Doflamingo’s younger brother, it’s his duty to keep his brother’s madness in check, and he wonders how his kind-hearted parents could have given birth to a monster he’ll never know. He continues by saying that Doflamingo is not human and recalls the time he was pinned to the wall by an angry mob. Homing pleads with the crowd to let his sons go, shooting arrows at him. Young Corazon pleads for death because he can no longer bear the pain. However, Young Doflamingo shouts that he will pay for this and not die, while vowing to kill anyone who harmed him, shocking all the bystanders and his family. Back to the present in Law’s past, Corazon states that Doflamingo was born as pure evil that knows no fear, and the only ones who know about it are the four managers and the former “Corazon”, Vergo. When Law asks who Vergo is, Corazon states that he is an extremely skilled person on a secret mission that even he doesn’t know about and that Law doesn’t need to know. Corazon asks Law not to become a monster like his brother and wants him to get away from him, although Law refuses because he wants to become like him. Corazon says she is definitely “D”. and is a member of the “Fated Family of D.”.
He was born in society in those who bear the name D. that “bad children will be eaten by D.” and when someone with the name D. in their name, all the elders lament that “D. will raise a storm again”. Law angrily asks if it’s some kind of monster, though Corazon says he’s not sure because no one really knows what it means and that it’s a name secretly passed down around the world and in his house they call it “The D Family. “. “The natural enemy of God”, the shocking Law. He states that if you consider the World Nobles to be “god” then Law’s people would aim to destroy the world, but Doflamingo is the opposite and that D. is supposed to be the antithesis of God. Law angrily shouts that he doesn’t understand what he’s saying and that he only joined this family so he could kill the people who hurt him, and he still has less than a year to live and is Doflamingo’s subordinate. Corazon offers him to leave to find a cure, but Law says there isn’t one and rushes back to tell Doflamingo about his powers and ability to speak. Corazon tries to stop him with a kick, but Law trashes him, mentioning that he’s gotten stronger over the past two years. Buffalo sees this and threatens to tell him, but Law shuts him up like before with ice cream when Baby 5 lends him money.
As Corazon returns to the crew, he curses Law for what he did, wondering if it’s for him. However, Doflamingo tells him to get on board, unaware of what happened before. As Corazon reacts in surprise, Law reveals that he owes him two years ago for not telling anyone about stabbing him, so now they’re even.
While the Donquixote pirates are at sea against the marines, Diamante demands the location of Law and Corazon, who Lao G mentions that they left somewhere. Senor Pink reveals a letter to Doflamingo saying “I’ve gone to cure Law’s illness” to his anger. With Law and Corazon, Law shouts that it’s a kidnapping when Den Den Mushi rings and, thinking it’s Doflamingo, pleads for his help. Law demands what to do with him and Corazon claims to cure him, but Law says there is no cure. Corazon then answers the call, which is then called by the man on the other end by his real name, Rosinante. Rosinante claims she has to leave her post for a while and mentions that she needs to take care of something personal. When an individual asks how the children of the crew are doing, Rosinante states that the 3 just won’t leave no matter what he does. The individual is revealed to be Sengoku as an admiral and tells him to be careful and report back later. He then puts down the paper that reveals Rosinante to be a Marine commander and is greeted by Verg, who wishes to be transferred to G-5.
Law demands to know if Corazon is a Marine, claiming he hates anyone affiliated with the government, Corazon claims he is not. He then arrives at the hospital and Corazon is convinced that they will be able to cure him. The Doctor reacts with shock at Law’s Amber Lead Sickness when Corazon says it’s been around for a while, and when the Doctor asks where Law was from with Flevance replying, the Doctor and Nurse react in horror, thinking they’re about to be infected with Law. Law says he’s had enough and doesn’t think he’s human anymore and leaves crying, much to Corazon’s shock. The nurse calls Law a white monster while the Doctor yells at Corazon for bringing him the law and tries to contact the government about Law’s condition. Enraged by their prejudice against Law, Corazon brutally punches him in the face and blows up the hospital. Corazon says the hospital was the worst and apologizes to Law for putting him through it, promising to find a competent doctor despite Law’s plea not to go through it again. They continue to go to various hospitals, all of which treat Law with prejudice, resulting in Corazon taking out her anger on them all for their cruel treatment of the boy, while the government is now aware that Law has survivor status from Flevance.
Six months pass and Corazon wonders why he’s doing this to Law and wonders if he’s doing it for D., but he doesn’t care. He admits that he felt sympathy for Law because of the way the kid said something like “I’m going to die”, he felt sorry for him. He goes on to say that when Law stabbed him and was now crying uncontrollably, Corazon claims that it didn’t even hurt and that Law was the one doing the hurting and he could only feel pity for him. As he leaves, Law, who has heard all this, begins to cry, finally finding someone who understands him. The next morning, Law now calls Corazon “Cora-san” to her surprise, and then Doflamingo calls them.

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