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Doflamingo asks his brother if they found any doctors to cure Law. Corazon uses the Den Den Mushi as a means of communication to inform her brother of their status. He tells Corazon to take Law and him back to the ship and reveals that he might have a cure for his illness as there is a trade with Ope Ope no Mi to be had. The Marines are trying to get it and that some pirate who doesn’t know the true value of the Fruit will sell it. Doflamingo says he wants Corazon to eat it so Law can be cured of his illness. As Doflamingo hangs up, he asks the other officers about Corazon, mentioning that the Marines who used to be able to find their location often, but haven’t in the past 6 months since Corazon left. While Pica and Diamante wonder if he’s a traitor, Doflamingo hopes he’s not because he doesn’t want to suspect his own brother.
Corazon tells Law to rejoice because now they have a way to cure him. With Ope Ope no Mi, he claims that they can cure his disease, explaining how the Devil Fruit works as it is able to modify the human body to cure any disease, much to Law’s disbelief. However, it requires a lot of medical knowledge to utilize the fruit’s full potential. Although Law retorts because Doflamingo wants him to eat it, Corazon states that he can’t because anyone who eats 2 Devil Fruits will die and that he won’t be returning to that family. Corazon says that once he realized that their journey would take so long, he realized that Doflamingo would label him a traitor. He then thinks he knows that Doflamingo wants him to eat Ope Ope no Mi to give him eternal life and if he comes back they will die. He tells Law that they will go behind Doflamingo’s back and steal the Ope Ope no Mi and let Law eat it and cure his illness and hide.
He then contacts Sengoku to inform him of his situation regarding Ope Ope no Mi. Sengoku reacts with shock, saying that no one should have known about this deal, and Corazon claims that he found out about it from his brother. He asks Sengoku for information about the trade and he tells him in return what he knows about Doflamingo’s underworld. Sengoku reveals that the trade will take place in three weeks at North Blue on Rubeck Island and Doflamingo’s meeting with Corazon is within 3 days in advance on Swallow Island. Sengoku says that this is as far as Doflamingo will go and they will destroy the Donquijote family and tells Corazon not to go anywhere near this island. Corazon agrees and promises to inform Sengoku of any information she has about Doflamingo’s underworld.
After hanging up, Law collapses from his illness to Corazon’s shock. Corazon tells him to hold on, mentioning that his three-year time limit isn’t up yet and Law has to hang on a little longer. Corazon starts to tear up and begs Law to hold on for three more weeks and give him a fighting chance. They then set sail but were caught in a storm. Law wakes up and informs Corazon that the world government knew the amber lead they dug up was poisonous but still let them dig it all up for money and how the government killed them. He then asks if he is a Marine and their ally, but Corazon lies and says no, much to Law’s relief. Corazon tells him that by taking the fruit, they will make enemies out of Doflamingo, the Marines, and the World Government.
Three days before the trade, they arrive at Minion Island as Corazon talks to Sengoku, who informs him of a sailor-turned-pirate named Diez Barrels who has the fruit and tells him not to let Doflamingo get his hands on it. Corazon then takes Law to the island.
On the island, Diez celebrates with his crew for Ope Ope no Mi and mentions that there was once a legendary doctor who had this ability and became famous for his ability to cure any disease with his powers.
Previously, during Law’s travels with Corazon, the former demonstrated the power of Nagi Nagi no Mi to Law using a move called “Calm”. Without a single sound, he breaks a vase, fires a bazooka and farts. Law stated that his abilities were lame and Baby 5 is much cooler, much to Corazon’s shame.
He later creates an explosion around Diez’s house and blows up the mansion without making a sound. With her abilities, Corazon is able to sneak in without making a sound and steal the fruit without anyone noticing. Corazon, rejoicing to receive Fruit for Law, accidentally slips on the snow and is found by Diez’s men. When Law hears this, they start shooting and wonders if something went wrong because Corazon was supposed to cancel all the sounds.

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