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Seeing no sign of the Donquijote pirates on Swallow Island, Vice Admiral Tsuru disputes Rosinante’s information. He then receives word from the scouts on Minion Island that there has been a fire in the Diez Barrels crew’s lair and advises the scouts to find out what happened while remaining discreet as the deal must not be broken or they will lose the fruit. In a ghost town on Minion Island, Barrels yells at his men to find the stolen fruit if they don’t want this $5 billion belly deal to go south.
Rosinante, who has suffered serious injuries in her escape with the pirate patrol, manages to reach Law and presents him with Ope Ope no Mi. Law questioned him about the shots and gunfire, but Rosinante dismissed the incidents, telling him that the fruit would save Law’s life, but Law was skeptical of the fruit’s power and doubted that he would be cured. Enraged by Law’s attitude, Rosinante gave Law the fruit despite his protest. Finally, after Law has swallowed the fruit, he yells at Rosinante that he was not psychologically prepared to become a Devil Fruit user, but instead sees Rosinante collapse face down. Weakened by her injuries, Rosinante assures Law that the fruit can heal her and that they tricked Doflamingo. Knowing that Doflamingo will never stop until he gets the fruit, Rosinante asks Law for a favor he must do. Confused by Rosinante’s condition, Law helps Rosinante turn around and is horrified by the numerous gunshots and open wounds raining down on him. Rosinante tells him about his mistake with the patrol and assures Law that he will survive. Fearing for his friend’s life, Law tries to use the fruit’s power despite having no experience with it. Rosinante stops him and says it’s not like magic and reminds Law of the favor he asked. There is a Marine spy ship to the west of the island, and Law must deliver a letter of intelligence to the sailors. It is important that the letter reaches them because it will save the kingdom called Dressrosa from Doflamingo’s cruelty. As soon as Law delivers the letter, he immediately leaves the island.
Law manages to find the marine patrol and waits for them to leave. He later sees a lone marine moving around, reveals himself to him, and gives him a letter. The man, who turns out to be Vergo, realizes the importance of the letter and thanks Law, but Law tearfully begs him to save his shot friend. Seeing no other option, Vergo takes Law to where his friend is, only to be shocked to see Corazon here. Rosinante was also surprised and accidentally revealed his voice to Verga. Law was confused by this until he remembers Vergo’s name being mentioned by Rosinante as one of Doflamingo’s officers. Suspicious of Corazon’s presence, Vergo decides to check the intelligence letter Law gave him despite Corazon’s protest. Rosinante cursed his bad luck as Vergo was one of Doflamingo’s trusted crew members. Once Vergo reads the contents of the letter, he delivers a brutal kick to Rosinante’s face and stops calling him Corazon. Law tries to stop Verg, but Doflamingo’s spy is unkind as he grabs Law in a choke hold. He remembers Law as a boy from Flevance and cruelly reminds Law that since he is his superior, he must address him as “Vergo-san” and throws Law away. Vergo was extremely angry at Rosinante’s double-crossing and destroys a letter that, if given to the Marines, would have destroyed the Doflamingo family’s years of planning.
Once his beating of the two traitors was finished, Vergo contacted Doflamingo and revealed everything he knew about what had happened. Doflamingo was mildly surprised to learn that his brother was a naval spy and that he had been trying to bring him down ever since he rejoined the family. Vergo learns that Doflamingo is currently on Minion Island because he saw the marines waiting for him on Swallow Island and knew that someone had knocked him out. Seeing that the mole was his own brother, Doflamingo declares that Corazon is no longer part of the family and orders Verga to retrieve the Ope Ope no Mi from Corazon, as he suspects that Corazon stole it before he arrived. Vergo turns towards the two traitors to find them gone as he was on Den Den Mushi. Realizing that they have escaped, Doflamingo makes sure they don’t and creates a Birdcage that covers much of the island, preventing anyone from escaping and controlling their every move. Barely recovering from Vergo’s attack, Rosinante and Law witnessed the creation of the Birdcage and Rosinante knew that Doflamingo wasn’t going to let them go that easily. Rosinante knows there is no hope for him, but she is determined to make it her last mission to save Law from Doflamingo’s wrath. He smiles at Law and says that he will die smiling, and expresses the hope that if Law thinks of him when he is gone, he will remember that he is smiling.

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