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31 years ago, Vergo and Trebol cheer on Doflamingo as he holds Homing at gunpoint, ready to get revenge on his father for taking away his worldly noble powers. Rosinante, who is being held by Homing, sobs and begs Doflamingo to stop. As Doflamingo talks about his plan to take Homing’s head so he can return to Mary Geoise, Homing apologizes to his sons for having him as their father. Doflamingo then shoots Homing, causing Rosinante to roar uncontrollably.
18 years later, the Marines look in shock at Doflamingo’s cage surrounding the city on Minion Island. With even more shock, he sees the pirates inside killing themselves uncontrollably. In another area, one of the Barrels Pirates pleads with his colleague Dorry, who has ended up outside the birdcage, to help him, but Dorry runs away instead, revealing an X-shaped scar on his chin.
Elsewhere, Diez Barrels tries to call for help to no avail as Doflamingo stands before him and his crew lay dead around him. Doflamingo then shoots him dead as his crew loots the Barrels Pirates’ treasure while searching for Rosinante. Baby 5 and Buffalo fly over the birdcage to look for Rosinante, but see only the bodies from the massacre of the Donquixote pirates when they suddenly pick up a transmission. However, Rosinante reveals herself to Gladius and Pica then reports their success to Doflamingo. Elsewhere, Law sits in the treasure chest where Rosinante hid it. He remembers Rosinante telling him to sit down, but he hears screams and gunshots from outside. Law tries to get out but to no avail. Law then hears Gladius, Trebol, and the other Donquixote pirates beating up Corazon, yelling that he betrayed them. Suddenly, Doflamingo arrives.
Doflamingo approaches Corazon and reflects on the six months that have passed since the latter’s desertion. A battered Corazon remembers how Sengoku found him after his father’s murder, and holds a pistol issued by a marine in Doflamingo. Corazon then reveals his true allegiance to the Marines and prepares to shoot Doflamingo to prevent the disaster the latter planned to unleash. Corazon apologizes to Law for lying about his loyalty, but Law, who already knew, wonders why Corazon would tell Doflamingo, who also knew. Doflamingo then questions Corazon about the location of Law and Ope Ope no Mi. Corazon reveals that Law has already eaten the fruit and lied that Law was out of the birdcage and protected by the marines on the patrol boat. Corazon’s lie is confirmed when Buffalo picks up a transmission that the Marines found the boy, but it was just a coincidence. Doflamingo then distracts the Birdcage in a panic and orders his crew to find the Marine Patrol Boat.
Corazon tries to dissuade Doflamingo from searching for Law, but Doflamingo says that Law needs some education on how the other must die for him, which Law fully hears. Doflamingo and Corazon point their guns at each other and Doflamingo laments having to kill a family member again. Law quietly panics in the treasure chest as Corazon has promised to make it out alive. Law remembers Corazon telling him that pirates tend to take treasure chests back to their ships and leaves Law in the chest to hide him from Doflamingo. Corazon reaffirms Law’s fears that Doflamingo will not kill his own brother and is only after Ope Ope no Mi. He uses his calm ability on Law so he doesn’t make a sound and tells Law he loves him (though Law is surprised by the goofy face Corazon makes). Back in the current Law, he tries to get out of the chest, knowing that this is not what Corazon said.
Corazon tells her brother that Law disobeys him and in three years he has overcome his destiny of dying and is not the Law that made his way to the mad pirate Doflamingo. She screams that she can’t learn anything from him and that he is finally free of his madness. As Law cries at these words, Doflamingo is unfazed and coldly shoots his own brother repeatedly. While Law’s screams go unheard and many members of the Donquijote family present (besides Buffalo and Baby 5) do not react to Corazon’s murder. Law tries to break free, only to remember all the time he spent together with Corazon.
The crew leaves with the treasure while Law is still inside one of them. Barely clinging to life, Corazon uses his remaining strength to stay alive long enough to ensure Law escapes unnoticed. While the Donquijote family is loading up the treasure, the law is left crying uncontrollably. Corazon tells Law that nothing will bind him anymore, be it his illness or the boundaries of the White City, and he is now truly free. Tsuro’s ship appears just as Corazon is finally dying. The peaceful field around Law fades as Law’s screams are finally heard and Corazon’s body is buried in the snow as Law leaves in tears as no one hears his voice over the gunfire of the naval battleships.

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