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Zoro continues his battle against Pico and is greeted by Elizabelle who says she can use her King Punch on the stone giant whenever she wants. Zoro thanks him but says he has to save the blow for later. They both dodge Pico’s attacks while Zoro tries to figure out what he wants.
Meanwhile, Lao G continues to overpower Chinjao with a series of moves that revolve around his age to his advantage with his Joi Ken fighting style. However, Chinjao is more focused on Sai’s supposed engagement to Baby 5 than his fight, while Sai yells at him for listening. Sai yells at him and Baby 5 for thinking he would get married like this, while Chinjao states that he is already engaged to Uholishia of Niho Navy. While this is happening, Lao G hears nothing and his soul begins to ascend to heaven. However, Baby 5 calls out to him and manages to bring him back to life while he still has no idea what is going on around him. Sai continues to prevent Baby 5 from acting like his wife and backs away from her. He asks if he needs her and says he’ll do anything for him, and Sai jokes that he wishes she’d die, stating that he wishes to repay his debt to the Straw Hats. However, much to his shock, she turns her arm into a gun and points it at his head, saying that she does it at his request. As she says nothing brings her happiness than being useful to someone, Sai tries to stop her saying he was joking and that’s not what she wants.
Chinjao berates Sai for helping the enemy and says the leader needs to be calm while Sai tells him to shut up. Baby 5 reflects on her past about how she traveled with her mother and a group of people who think Baby 5 will only be a nuisance and left her in the mountains saying her own mother didn’t need her. As Baby 5 prepares to kill herself and Sai desperately tries to stop her. Chinjao interrupts to say that Sai has brought shame to the Happa Navy and prepares to attack with the head stock. Sai counters with a kick that bends his legendary head and says it’s none of his business. He then stops his grandfather from killing Baby 5 and then hits her as well. As Baby 5 states that she was trying to be helpful to him, Sai notes that no one ever said no to her. As the lower members note that Chinjao’s legendary head has been bent, the other begins to cry. While Sai regrets what he did to his grandfather, Chinjao does not get angry, but is proud that Sai has awakened the full power of the Hasshoken fighting skills, stating that he now grants Sai the name “Kiryu Kirikugi” of his war leg, saying that he now has the power on it. break the ice continent. He declares that the Happo Navy is now officially his, while also admitting that since his fight with Luffy, his illness has been showing and his age has caught up with him. Just before he could finish, Lao G, now larger, hits Chinjao with a powerful punch. As Chinjao lies unconscious, Lao G reveals the true power of his Joi Ken fighting style, stating that he conserves his energy at a younger age using the Qiqong technique.
He attacks Sai and states that all of the Dressrosa are slaves to Doflamingo, including Baby 5, declaring that he is nothing more than a convenient tool for the Donquijote family. He calls Sai a Flower Land monkey while declaring that he will finish him off and take Baby 5 back for Doflamingo. While Child 5 is hurt by these words, Sai declares that if he defeats him, he will marry Child 5. Child 5 is happy to hear this, while Sai was able to use the Kiryu Kirikugi move to deliver a powerful kick to Lao G’s skull that prevented Haki. Lao G apologizes to the Young Master and is sent tumbling into a crater from Sai’s pile while shouting the letter “G” and cursing Sai by calling him a monkey. Sai says “call me Don” as the information field states that both Lao G and Baby 5 are defeated.

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