Read One Piece Manga Chapter 772


In the Sunflower Fields, Diamante and Kyros are still fighting, with Kyros having trouble keeping his balance due to the
swaying ground. Diamante establishes a connection between Kyros and Thunder Soldier and tells his opponent that their fates are linked before attacking Rebecca. After Kyros blocks it, Rebecca says she wants to help because she’s nothing more than a burden now, but Kyros says he’ll never let her fight again.
On the second floor, Zoro notes Sai’s strength and makes a note to remember Happa Navy in case he meets them in the future, while Sai tries to wake up Chinjao and Baby 5 dreams of their wedding. Meanwhile, on the third floor, Gladius is about to blow up the entire country. Cavendish looks to Bartolomeo’s barrier for help, and it eventually lets him in, despite initially lowering as it would be too dangerous for him and Robin. After a brief argument, Bartolomeo lets Cavendish out to continue fighting Gladius. The Donquixote officer then tries to attack Robin, who is heading to the Sunflower Fields, thinking it’s too dangerous for Rebecca to be there, but Bartolomeo blocks him. Robin gives Bartolome a grateful wink, and he gets so excited that he attacks everyone with his barrier, even Cavendish, who is about to attack Gladius. Meanwhile, Dellinger heads to the third floor and Gladius tells him to take care of Robin as he is too busy fighting Bartolomeo and Cavendish. He is about to do so but is stopped by Ideo who is still standing despite being seriously injured. After announcing his intention to buy Luffy the slightest amount of time to take down Doflamingo, Ideo is finally defeated when Dellinger bites his neck with his fangs.
Shortly after, Dellinger arrives on the third floor, but Gladius tells him to stay away as there is a very dangerous enemy there. Dellinger shrugs it off, only to be finished with a single slash by Cavendish, who awakens his Hakuba persona.

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