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Bartolomeo notices that the attacker who defeated Dellinger and the guards on level 3 looks very similar to Cavendish, but has a different face. Gladius expresses shock at this as well, while Bartolomeo remembers that Block D in the Coliseum fight ended in a very similar way to this. When he finally makes a connection between them, Hakuba suddenly appears right in front of his barrier. Realizing that he would not be able to break through, Hakuba turned his gaze elsewhere. As Bartolomeo tries to reason with Hakuba, he notices that he has now set his sights on Nico Robin, much to his dismay. Unable to stop him in time, he frantically yells at Hakuba not to hurt her, but Robin effortlessly restrains Hakuba by stretching his limbs off the cliff. Noticing that there’s something different about him too, Robin tries to talk to him while Bartolomeo bristles at her ability to stop him so easily.
As Robin restrains Hakuba, Cavendish regains control and yells at Hakuba, telling him that he does not have his permission to appear right now. He apologizes to Robin for Hakuba’s indiscriminate actions, but when he does, Hakuba tries to regain control, leading to an argument between the two personalities as Robin watches. For a second, the control is actually split “half and half” between the two, as one half of his face is Cavendish and the other is Hakuba. Cavendish regains control and this time asks Robin to release him. Robin watches out, and in the confusion, Gladius starts inflating the entire reef to explode and take them both out. Cavendish tries to tell Robin to go back down, but she repeats that her focus is on Rebecca, who is on level four. Realizing what Gladius is up to, Bartolomeo lunges at him to stop the attack. However, Gladius shoots hairs from the top of his head at Bartolomeo, revealing them to be poisonous needles as his leg goes numb.
Gladius then inflates his entire body and says that if he explodes, he will shoot needles much stronger at Robin and Cavendish. This puts Bartolomeo in a difficult position, as he must now choose a way to deal with Gladius that prevents the cliff from exploding and his body exploding into more needles towards Robin. Since Cavendish doesn’t care that much about him, he asks him to protect Robin from the needles while he deals with Gladius’ bloated body. It’s Hakuba yelling at him instead, which makes him realize that Robin isn’t safe either way. To deal with this dilemma, he decides to encase Gladius in a barrier with his inflated body to keep the blast from leaving his barrier while simultaneously dealing with the expanding cliff. Robin yells at Bartolomeo not to sacrifice himself, but he is already determined in his decision and attempts to cut Gladius’ throat. This causes the explosion to remain inside the barrier, but unfortunately Bartolomeo misses the throat and cuts his shoulder instead.
Gladius still standing now focuses on blasting the cliff. With Cavendish gaining some control, he tries to convince Robin to let him go so he can use Hakuba’s speed to get them out of blast range. Suddenly, the Gladius sets off an explosion and it seems that nothing is left of Cavendish and Robin. It turns out that they escaped the explosion to the fourth level, but Hakuba tried to cut Robin in the process, forcing Cavendish to stop the blade with his own hand. Hakuba questions Cavendish’s decision, reminding him that it is actually his own body. Cavendish states that as such, Hakuba should really listen to him once in a while, and both personalities fall back into sleep. Bartolomeo, now badly injured by the blast, laments that he still lacks strength, but one day he will be someone Luffy can rely on. He leaps into the air and lands a “Bari Bari no Pistol” (as a tribute to Luffy) right into Gladio’s face, incapacitating him.
On the fourth level of the Sunflower Fields, Diamante comments on how chaotic the action sounds on the lower levels, then taunts Kyros about how his army Bandera builds the battlefield, noting how difficult it is for normal people, let alone someone like him with one . leg. He then tries to attack Rebecca once more, but this time Rebecca decides to fight back as Kyros can’t get to her in time. She tries to tell Rebecca that she won’t be able to withstand the attack, but instead Robin arrives just in time to stop the attack and reveal a new ability. He says that Rebecca has completed her mission to deliver the key to Trafalgar D. Water Law’s bonds to him and Luffy, and now it’s Robin’s turn to protect her.

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