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At the Flower Field, Diamante is furious that Robin interfered with Robin when he commented on how his opponent was handicapped. Diamante just laughs and says that this fight was never meant to be fair and that it’s an execution. Robin tells Kyros that she will watch over his daughter for now so he can focus on defeating Diamante. Kyros thanks her as his anger towards Diamante has now reached its limit.
On the 3rd level, Bartolomeo notices some soldiers from Donquijote’s crew taking the unconscious Gladius away and wants to know what they are doing. They state that they are taking the loser away and comment that it will take days for him to wake up anyway. Bartolomeo angrily tells them to get lost.
At the SMILE factory, the dwarves turn to Viola for help, wishing to be informed of Leo’s progress in rescuing Mansherry. Viola contacts Leo who informs her that they are close to Mansherry’s location. Viola informs him that she sees that Giolla has fallen into her hands and intends to use her powers, much to Leo’s concern. Leo and Kabu run into the soldiers and easily take them down, claiming to save their princess. In the time limit room, Giolla is seen demanding that Mansherry use his powers. Mansherry refuses, exclaiming his desire to return to Green Bit. Giolla tells her that she calls her Boa Hancock as she angrily states that while the enemy who defeated the officers may have won, they are all badly injured from their fights. He intends to use Mansherry’s Chiyu Chiyu no Mi abilities to revive the fallen Machvic, Lao G, Sugar (who has already been healed once), and Dellinger, taking them all by surprise and turning the battle in his favor. However, Mansherry refuses, realizing she was tricked by Doflamingo, and refuses to let them hurt anyone else again. Giolla and her men are briefly captured by Mansherry’s cute features, but Giolla breaks free and grabs Mansherry in an attempt to forcibly use his powers.
Giolla asks if he cares about his friends at the factory, but Mansherry says that if he heals them, they will only continue to hurt others. Giolla then proceeds to squeeze Mansherry to force her powers while Mansherry pleads with Leo in her mind to save her. Leo and Kabu are later briefly separated, with Kabu telling Leo to go ahead and he’ll be there in a moment. Giolla’s rude actions resulted in Mansherry crying and her tears landed on grunts and he woke up completely healed. Seeing this, Giolla realizes that her tears have the same healing properties. She then repeatedly slaps Mansherry until she cries enough to revive the officers. Viola, seeing this, begs Leo to hurry.
Viola informs everyone of Mansherry’s healing powers, with Usopp commenting that it’s no wonder Doflamingo wants to keep her alive. Viola states that Giolla is trying to force Mansherry’s healing power to revive the fallen officers, while the other dwarves beg Leo to succeed. Hearing this, Usopp realizes that if he wakes up there will be no end to their enemies and realizes how Sugar woke up so early before. While everyone is cheering for Leo to save the princess, Leo bursts into the room where Mansherry is.
Giolla says it was close, but sheds tears on the officers and says Round 2 is now on. Kabu then appears and says he will stop her and uses “Beetle Upper” on the unconscious officers. This sends them to the wall away from the tears just in time, much to Giolla’s shock. After the tears hit the ground harmlessly, Leo wastes no time in stitching up the officers and Giolla all over. He tells Giolla that he can spend more time bonding with his fellow officers, and uses “Haute Couture: Patchwork” on Giolla, sending all the officers out and growls at Giolla with his powers, defeating her. Mansherry gushes over Lee who rescues her, calling him a prince and blushing heavily when he catches her. Viola relays to everyone Leo saved Mansherry and defeated Giolla to the great joy of everyone present. Mansherry tells Leo how scared she was, and Leo ruins the moment by asking if she’s gained weight, resulting in a punch to the face, with Kabu remarking that Mansherry hasn’t changed.

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