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Former King Riku and Viola remember the first time they heard of Scarlett’s death. Diamante laughs at how unlucky Scarlett was to be on the market. Tank remembers having to stop Viola from trying to avenge her sister’s death.
Kyros and Diamante’s fight ends with Diamante falling back onto Scarlett’s grave, who froze him. Kyros thanks Robin for protecting his daughter. Rebecca then runs to her father. Robin is shown that she too was injured by the spikes in an attempt to protect Rebecca. As Rebecca and Kyros notice where they are, they remember the day Kyros promised to always be by Rebecca’s side to protect her.
Viola reports to the others on the royal plateau that Diamante has now been defeated and that Kyros, Rebecca and Robin are safe. The people of Dressrosa are thrilled that the Donquijote family is being taken down one by one after no one thought it would be possible. Viola confirms that the family members were defeated by Luffy and his friends, stating that there are now only 4 left: Bellamy, Pica, Trebol, and Doflamingo.
King Riku decides to go to the city because there is nothing to worry about the people of the city coming for his head. With that, Tank and the other townspeople decide to join him in hopes of letting everyone else know about the new found hope. At the same time, Usopp realizes that Fujitora is no longer with the group as Kanjuro explains that he has already returned to the city. Fujitora is then shown with the other marines trying to get the citizens in one place to protect them.
At the base of the palace, Pica is shown using her Devil Fruit powers to create spikes all over her body, causing the base to shake. He then appears to Kyros and Rebecca in the Flower Field, disappointed in Diamante for losing to Kyros. Pica then asks Kyros and Rebecca what exactly King Riku is to them. Kyros explains that he is family as well as his savior when he was a monster, and that the country hopes for the day when King Riku takes his throne again. With this new information, Pica disappears.
As Zoro continues to try to find Pica to fight directly, he notices that Pica is attacking anyone too injured to fight. An angry Zoro continues to try to chase down the chaos that Pica is causing. At Pico’s destruction, they discover that Baby 5 has betrayed them and tried to crush her, but is saved by Sai, who pushes her out of the way and uses his Busoshoku Haki to prevent the crush. Annoyed by this tactic, Zoro proceeds with whatever Pica throws at him. Pica then reminds Zoro that King Riku was still on the Royal Plateau. With that, the Pica disappears from Zoro’s location, creating a giant, stone Pica that moves towards the plateau.
Zoro, now realizing what Pico’s plan was, attempts to reach the stone Pico before he reaches the plateau. This makes Zoro realize that he only has five options to prevent the platform from being destroyed. The first is to use a ranged cut with your swords, but Pica is already too far away. The second is to jump onto Pico’s back, but it’s too far and Zoro wouldn’t survive the fall. The third is to try to shout to those on the plateau, but his voice would not be loud enough to be heard that far away. The fourth is to call Den Den Mushi to them to warn them, but he has none with him. His fifth plan, the one he decided to go with, was to fly up and cut the real Pico to pieces.

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