Read One Piece Manga Chapter 778


As Pica makes his way to the plateau where King Riku is located, he is cheered on by the watching Don Quijote henchmen and the various warriors wonder how they can stop him. Seeing Pica moving towards the king, Elizabello II prepares to use his royal strike, but Zoro stops him. After explaining how Pica will simply reform his body, he asks Elizabello to wait two minutes before running to Orlumbus and asking him to throw him.
Some people firing cannons at Pico are crushed by it, prompting Riku to reveal his location and ask Pico to stop. Riku orders Tank Lepanto and Viola to get everyone to safety while he stays in place to attack Pico. On the other side of the island, Orlumbus asks Zoro if he is sure of his plan despite the danger, but Zoro insists that there is no time for anything else. As Pica starts attacking Rika, Orlumbus throws Zoro towards the manager. Zoro sheathes his swords with Busoshoku Haki and begins the technique, claiming that there is nothing in this world that he cannot cut down.
Pica tells Riku that he isn’t fit to be king if he can’t defeat his enemies, and that he couldn’t protect his country because he loves peace too much. Riku admits that Pica is right, but cries that he is proud to have remained human and will not take another life to survive. Pica laughingly claims that good people like Riku are killed and forgotten by history, but before his attack can connect, Zoro cuts his stone body in half. Pica moves to the top half of the huge stone body, but Zoro simply cuts it in two and continues to cut the statue until Pica is forced out. Pica dresses his body in Busoshoku Haki and attempts to attack his opponent, claiming that Zoro can never cut through him. Zoro replies that all he needs is stronger Haki and slashes Pico in mid-air. When Pica is defeated, Elizabello uses her King Punch to blast away the rest of Pica’s stone body, lamenting that he is only cleaning up.

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