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Suspended on a ledge, Roronoa Zoro recalls his training with Dracul Mihawk, in which the master swordsman informed him that having splinters on the blades of his sword was an insult to his honor and that he could prevent this by hardening his blades with Busoshoku Haki. He also forbade Zoro from drinking until he mastered the technique.
On the Royal Plateau, Fujitora asks his men if there are any injuries, but is informed that his Devil Fruit powers have kept them all safe as citizens and warriors across the land react to Pico’s defeat.
Meanwhile, the SMILE factory explodes to the shock of those who see it. Inside, the dwarves carry SAD tanks and smash them while declaring they will no longer be used. However, Trebol, who is watching, claims that they can still restore the factory and cure Pic since they still have the Mansherry.
In the Sunflower Fields, Leo and Mansherry encounter Kyros, Nico Robin, and Rebecca, with Mansherry offering to heal the badly injured Kyros. However, Kyros refuses to allow Mansherry to do this, believing that her powers have some limitations and that there are those in the land who need such healing more than he does. When Mansherry first looks at Dressrosa, Kyros remarks that they can only leave it to Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo.
Underneath the palace, Koala contacts Sabo and asks him where he is, to which Sabo admits that he is a bit late as it took some time to free all the prisoners in the Coliseum before saying that he is on his way.
Back at the King’s Platform, Usopp tearfully pulls Zoro up as Kin’emon congratulates him on defeating Pica, but Zoro tells them that it’s not over yet as the Birdcage is still present, meaning Doflamingo is still alive. When the citizens notice that Viola told them that Doflamingo’s main force only has three members left, Viola corrects them and reveals that there are only two left as the next battle has just been decided.
On the first floor of the palace, Luffy stands over a defeated Bellamy and remembers how their fight ended. Bellamy defended his decision to attack Luffy at the cost of his life by stating that Doflamingo could remember him that way before slamming Luffy into the wall. However, Luffy pointed out that Doflamingo only wanted Bellamy to be pitted against him and die from the start, which Bellamy admitted was probably right before stating that it was his dying wish to fulfill this. Bellamy told Luffy to stay there and die if he didn’t want to fight back before jumping towards him, but Luffy got up and slammed Bellamy into the ground with a Gear 2 hardened Busoshoku Haki, defeating Bellamy once more.
In the present, Luffy screams Doflamingo’s name, prompting Doflamingo to remark that he hopes Luffy will come to the roof and see Law’s corpse.

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