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As Doflamingo calls Luffy to the roof, it shows what happened a few minutes ago. Trebol used the Sticky Launcher to send Law sprawled to the edge of the roof, and he and Doflamingo stood over the badly injured Shichibukai. Trebol expressed his surprise that Law was still alive and mockingly suggested that he give up. Echoing his manager’s thoughts, Doflamingo told Law that he was sorry that everything he had done – escaping the White City, meeting Corazon, working for 13 years to take down Doflamingo, and his alliance with Luffy – was worthless. Pointing the gun at Law’s chest, Doflamingo offered him a deal: a chance to make sense of the rest of Law’s short life by performing Perpetual Youth surgery on him. In exchange, Doflamingo offered to grant any of Law’s wishes.
Law seemed to agree at first, but then asked Doflamingo to bring his dead brother Corazon back to life and submit to all the citizens of Dressrosa. Law laughed that Doflamingo’s life was a pitiful one, saying that straw hats could do wonders, and gave Doflamingo a middle finger. Doflamingo shot Law eight times in different locations, mocking the word “Corazon” on Law’s jacket. He screamed furiously that despite Law’s best efforts to imitate Corazon, the Heart’s legacy would end.
On the other side of the island, Tank Lepanto and a crowd of citizens on the King’s Plateau decide to descend on the city to help their former king, Riku. Viola confirms to Zoro and Usopp that only Doflamingo and Trebol are left standing of the enemy forces, but their own forces have also been hit.
Meanwhile, Luffy breaks through the roof of the palace, eager to fight Doflamingo. Shichibukai taunts him about Bellamy and blocks Gear 3’s strike with Spider’s Web. Luffy jumps over the web and uses Hawk Gatling to attack Doflamingo from above, but Doflamingo uses Break White to encase Luffy in string meat.
Luffy breaks out of Doflamingo’s trap, but steps on a pool of blood. Looking around, he sees Law lying on the ground. Confused, Luffy asks Law what happened, but he doesn’t respond. Doflamingo tells Luffy that Law is dead, which shocks the pirate. When the citizens of Dressrosa realize that the Birdcage is shrinking, Doflamingo mocks Law’s last words, saying it’s time for the game to end. Luffy prepares to fight but faintly hears Law’s voice telling him to listen carefully.

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