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The citizens of Dressrosa stare in shock as the Birdcage begins to shrink, fleeing in panic as the buildings are sliced ​​by the approaching ropes. On the roof of the palace, Doflamingo tells Luffy that he plans to end his game by downloading the Birdcage, saying that it will close and kill everyone on the island in about an hour. The Marines attempt to rescue the endangered citizens, but are powerless to stop the Birdcage from shrinking. As Viola confirms that Law is dead, Usopp and the others on the King’s Platform cheer for Luffy to defeat Doflamingo, and Sabo runs through the chaos. Doflamingo taunts Luffy, saying that just like Law and Bellamy, all of the pirate’s friends will die before he dies. Luffy rushes towards Doflamingo and says that if he defeats the Shichibukai, the problem will be solved. However, before Luffy’s attack can land, Law activates Shambles and switches with Luffy, surprising Doflamingo.
Law says that Doflamingo is going to die and Luffy encourages him as he uses the gamma knife to stab Doflamingo. Shocked, Trebol asks Law how he could have used the Shambles without activating the room. Law replies that he created a Room too big for them to notice and maintains it at the cost of his life force. As Doflamingo missed Law’s vitals after shooting him, Law used Shambles to swap with the body of one of Doflamingo’s minions and dodge the remaining shots. After switching and playing dead, he whispered to Luffy about his plan. Law’s attack forces Doflamingo to start collapsing, but Doflamingo is still not defeated and grabs Law’s face. However, Luffy used Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp to kick Doflamingo and send him to the ground.
Luffy rushes towards Doflamingo again, but Law stops him, saying that Doflamingo has to stop. Even though Law is badly injured, he activates another room and tries to go to Doflamingo. He tells Doflamingo that his attack destroyed all of his internal organs, even though he had no external injuries. Enraged, Trebol jumps at Law, but Luffy kicks him aside. Law yells at Doflamingo that the Shichibukai only considered other people family when it suited him, and when his brother tried to stop Doflamingo from going insane, he was shot. Doflamingo expresses his mild regret over the incident, saying that he never thought Corazon would point a gun at him. Law reflects that Corazon could never pull the trigger, but even if it does him the same as Doflamingo, he will. He continues by saying that Doflamingo should have died thirteen years ago. Doflamingo retorts by taunting Corazon, but Law cuts him off with a Counter Shock. Law denounces Doflamingo as a monster before succumbing to his own injuries and falling beside his enemy.
However, to Trebol’s delight and Luffy and Law’s shock, Doflamingo confronts him. Doflamingo reveals that he uses his Devil Fruit to perform first aid to repair his organs, though he admits that he is not healed. Doflamingo prepares to choke Law to death, but as Law screams in anger, Luffy stops the attack and the two pirates stand up.

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