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Luffy and Doflamingo defy Trebol’s explosion while Robin, Kyros, Rebecca, Leo, Mansherry and Kabu stare at the roof of the palace in shock. Leo wonders if there’s any way they can help Luffy, but both Kyros and Robin reply that they’d only be a hindrance, with Robin pointing out how many injuries Law suffered from fighting Doflamingo. Just then, Luffy escapes the explosion and carries an unconscious Law and his severed right arm. Robin yells at Luffy to bring Law to her, and Luffy is happy to oblige, throwing Law off the roof of the palace. Robin is shocked to see Law’s severed arm, but manages to break Law’s fall with Spider Net.
Avoiding the explosion, Doflamingo tells Robin that interfering in their battle while Law was still alive was a mistake and uses Tamaito, but Luffy kicks Doflamingo with the Gomu Gomu no Hawk Whip. Doflamingo’s string bullets almost reach Robin’s group when Cavendish deflects them at the last second. Cavendish is upset to see that Luffy hasn’t defeated Doflamingo yet, but Luffy yells at him to bring everyone to the Flower Field down. Cavendish argues with him, wanting to help in the battle against Doflamingo, but Luffy states that he entrusts his friends to Cavendish. This leads Cavendish to believe that Luffy is his fan, so he immediately grants Luffy’s request. Meanwhile, Robin’s group huddles around Law and Leo prepares to sew Law’s arm back together before Mansherry uses the watering can to heal Law. However, Rebecca tells them that they must obey Luffy’s order and get down first. Cavendish yells at Bartolomeo, a level down, to make the staircase using his powers, but he is still stunned in amazement at Zoro’s victory over Pica.
On the roof of the palace, Doflamingo and Luffy confront each other again, with Doflamingo saying that it would be better for Law to die now instead of continuing to suffer, but Luffy says that the warrior can only do that through his dead body. Luffy and Doflamingo then continue to fight, both still badly injured. Luffy manages to hit Doflamingo with a charged Busoshoku Haki attack, sending Doflamingo off the roof. However, Doflamingo laughs at the attack, saying that it was fast but lacked power. Doflamingo then attacks Luffy, sending Luffy flying. Doflamingo then catches up with Luffy and remembers how Luffy defeated the Crocodile two years ago when he was holding Luffy’s wanted poster and decided to investigate his crew. Doflamingo then remembers how Luffy participated in the Marineford War and survived, and is impressed that Luffy survived and made it this far. Doflamingo then kicks Luffy into the edge of the palace roof, causing a large portion of the palace wall to fall away.
At the Flower Field, Law regains consciousness and tells Cavendish to leave him there, stating that he spent thirteen years of his life trying to take down Doflamingo and now that he’s done all he can, he leaves the rest to Luffy. If Luffy wins, Law wants to witness it, but if he loses, Law is ready to die with him because he got Luffy into this battle. Robin tries to dissuade Law, saying that Luffy never fought without a personal reason, but Law insists and Cavendish agrees. However, he decides to stay behind and protect Law and tells Robin and the others to go to the Bartolomeo stairs. Back on the roof, Luffy attacks Doflamingo, but Doflamingo dodges the attack and kicks Luffy to the ground, wondering when Luffy will defeat him and reminds the Straw Hat of the shrinking Torikago. Doflamingo is convinced that within 30 minutes the weakest inhabitants of Dressrosa will die, and more and more will follow until everyone is silent. Doflamingo tells Luffy that the people of Dressrosa will curse him with their last breath because if Luffy and his friends never invaded Dressrosa, everything would remain peaceful. Luffy refutes this and says it was all a facade. Doflamingo laughs and says that Luffy had a hero complex and that the pirate will never be more than a thorn in his side. However, Luffy states that Doflamingo hurt his friends and that he wouldn’t let the Warlord kill any of them, activating Gear 4.

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