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The citizens of Dressrosa flee the Torikago, which does not cut through the ruins of the city, but rather pushes them into the center. Meanwhile, Baby 5 and the Corrida Colosseum gladiators notice the shrinking Torikago and Sai tells the gladiators still standing to get the fallen gladiators back to their feet. As Viola, Hack, and Usopp descend from the King’s Platform, Viola notices that the epicenter of the Birdcage is slowly moving towards Doflamingo’s location, meaning that even the King’s Platform, which is in the center of the island, will be torn apart. Usopp to freak out and tell them to move fast.

Meanwhile, Kin’emon and Kanjuro run after Zoro and ask him where they are headed. Zoro tells them that they are going to stop Torikago, shocking the two samurai. In the Field of Flowers, Cavendish marvels that the dwarves managed to sew Law’s arm back together and hopes that it will heal properly. Cavendish then tells Law that while he was in the Underground Trade Port, he realized that if Luffy and Law were able to defeat Doflamingo, the consequences would be felt around the world and the two of them would be at the center of the storm. The law says that’s what they’re after.

On the roof of the palace, Luffy begins to activate Gear 4 and takes off his sandals. He then covers his left arm in Busoshoku Haki and blows into it, swelling the muscles and causing his arm to grow to enormous proportions. Luffy keeps blowing, causing his entire torso to grow incredibly large. Gear 4: Boundman is finally activated, causing Luffy to bounce around constantly. Doflamingo laughs and expresses his disappointment that Gear 4, who he expected to be the ace up Luffy’s sleeve, is nothing more than Luffy using his elasticity to bounce around. Luffy replies that during his two years of training on Rusukaina, this form was necessary to subdue the beasts on it. Doflamingo says he’s still confused as Luffy digs his fist into his body, surprising the Warlord. Luffy then releases his fist and punches Doflamingo, the sheer force of which sends Doflamingo flying all the way to the streets of Dressrosa.

Doflamingo’s hard landing destroys several buildings and causes the fleeing citizens of Dressrosa to stare in shock at Doflamingo lying on the ground. Doflamingo slowly manages to stand up and the marine asks him how he got here. Doflamingo dutifully replies that he’d like to know as well, and his barely contained rage sends the panicked citizens fleeing, though they quickly realize with shock that Doflamingo is on one side and Torikago on the other. Doflamingo then stares towards the palace when he is shocked to see Luffy use his elasticity to fly down to him. Suddenly, Luffy disappears from view, but quickly reappears behind Doflamingo as he kicks the Warlord. The citizens stare in shock at Luffy’s act and become even more unsettled when they see Luffy hopping around the street.

Doflamingo flies through several buildings before angrily flying upwards, trying to understand Luffy’s new form. Luffy quickly jumps up and attacks Doflamingo with Gomu Gomu no Culverin, but Doflamingo manages to dodge the blow and flies behind Luffy and attacks him with Athlete. However, the kick does not penetrate Luffy’s rubbery body even though it is covered by Busoshoku Haki. Luffy then fends off Doflamingo as he attacks the Warlord again. However, this time Luffy redirects his path to follow the escaping Doflamingo and manages to punch Doflamingo in the face.

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