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The citizens in the streets of Dressrosa are shocked to see Luffy punch Doflamingo in the air. As Doflamingo is sent crashing into the building below, one citizen wonders aloud who Luffy is, but the other replies that it doesn’t matter and cheers Luffy on.
At the Flower Field, Cavendish reacts with shock at Luffy’s transformation, and Law expresses mild shock and relief at Luffy’s trump card, but then states that Luffy is overusing his Haki.
On the roof of the palace, Jesus Burgess watches Luffy and Doflamingo fight, debating whether to follow them or continue to wait. However, Koala spies him from behind a broken wall and wonders what Burgess is up to.
Meanwhile, Viola contacts Riku Dolda III while descending from the King’s Platform. Riku asks if Luffy’s battle against Doflamingo is the only one still going on, which Viola confirms, saying that all the managers have been defeated.
At the SMILE factory, Franky yells at the dwarves to evacuate immediately because Torikago has gotten to them. As the dwarves run away, they and Franky realize that since the factory is made of Seastone, Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit powers cannot break through it, and Torikago pushes the SMILE factory towards them instead. Suddenly, Franky sees Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjur riding one of Kanjur’s sparrows. Franky asks Zoro why they aren’t going downtown, but Zoro tells him and the dwarves that he will try to stop Torikago and buy everyone some time. This causes the dwarves to become stunned and Franky is thinking about Zoro’s plan when he suddenly gets an idea.
As he lies in the rubble of the building, Doflamingo tries to understand Luffy’s new form. Luffy then flies towards Doflamingo, intending to end the battle before Gear 4’s time limit expires. Doflamingo asks Luffy how long he will be able to maintain this form as Luffy aims both fists at the Warlord. However, Doflamingo creates two powerful waves of string from the ground that block Luffy’s attack and shock the Straw Hat. Doflamingo reveals that there was another level of devil fruit ability known as “awakening”. Doflamingo then turns several nearby buildings into string and tells Luffy that some people’s Devil Fruit abilities can be awakened under exceptional circumstances, giving them the ability to not only manipulate their bodies, but their surroundings as well. Luffy is shocked by Doflamingo’s new display of power and comments that it was as if Doflamingo was no longer a Paramecia.
Twenty minutes have passed since Torikago began to shrink and the citizens continue to run when the old woman trips and falls. Her granddaughter rushes to her and pleads with her to get up before the threads cut her, but the old woman says she has reached her limit and can no longer run. She tells her granddaughter to leave without her, but her granddaughter refuses. Meanwhile, the man is calling for help and begging other citizens to help them get the patients to the hospital to safety. A woman tearfully asks if anyone has seen her missing child, while a man sits in the middle of the road, determined not to wage a futile battle against Torikago. Suddenly, Riku activates the Den Den Mushi and broadcasts to the citizens. He reminds the citizens that today’s shocking events were not a dream and that they suffered under Doflamingo’s rule for ten years. However, he tells the citizens that all of the Donquijote pirates have been defeated except for Doflamingo himself, and Luffy is fighting him right now. He reminds the citizens that regardless of whether Luffy wins or loses, the battle will be over in a matter of minutes, and pleads with his former subjects to run and survive as they still have hope. Riku’s words made the old woman stand up and run as fast as she could along with several other hopeful citizens.
Doflamingo then says it’s time for everyone to fall and attacks Luffy with several pieces of string. Knowing that his time in Gear 4 is almost up, Luffy manages to pull on his head and break through the string. He then retracts his arms and hits Doflamingo with a Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka. The force of the attack sends Doflamingo all the way to the palace mountain and the people of Dressrosa cheer at Luffy’s attack.

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