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The citizens of Dressrosa look on in shock as they see Doflamingo left stunned on the palace mountain. They then start cheering for Luffy, who they now recognize thanks to Riku Dolda III’s speech. Luffy continues to bounce around the street, answering the citizens talking about him. Meanwhile, Viola, Hack and Usopp make it to the streets when they hear a noise. Viola then sees what is happening and wonders out loud in shock if Luffy actually defeated Doflamingo. Riku silently looks towards the palace and in the Flower Field, Cavendish is convinced that Doflamingo is finished. However, Law simply tells him to look at the sky, and everyone in Dressros is shocked to notice that the Birdcage is still up and moving.
Intent on ending Birdcage, Luffy flies towards Doflamingo, lowering his fist to deliver the final blow. However, before he can launch his attack, Gear 4’s time limit expires and all the excess air is forced out of Luffy’s body, causing him to crash into a mountain and land back on the street, wheezing and motionless. Just then, Jesus Burgess jumps off the roof of the palace and announces his plan to kill Luffy and steal the Goma Goma no Mi. Cavendish watches in shock as Burgess jumps past him and Law, and Koala hastily attempts to contact Sabo via Den Den Mushi. Burgess then lands hard on the ground, causing the citizens to go into shock and slowly back away. Suddenly, the palace mountain begins to crack and the astonished citizens realize that Doflamingo is still conscious. They try to escape the inevitable conflict between the three powerful pirates, but the Birdcage has shrunk so much that there is nowhere to run.
Doflamingo smiles as he sees Luffy shaking on the ground, completely out of energy. Gatz suddenly appears near Luffy and asks if the Straw Hat recognizes him from Corrido Colosseum. Realizing that Lucy is Luffy, Gatz asks the Block C winner if he could help in any way. Luffy tells Gatz that he needs ten minutes because after using Gear 4 he will lose the use of his Haki for ten minutes. Luffy knows that if he can avoid Doflamingo for ten minutes, he will be able to restore his Haki and attack at the last moment. . Doflamingo descends to the street and Luffy confirms to Gatz that the Shichibukai’s reign will end if he is given ten minutes. Gatz then awakens the gladiators from the Colosseum, who originally went after Luffy’s bounty instead of helping him fight the Donquixote pirates, with Meadows apologizing for their actions. Rolling Logan tells Luffy that they will believe in Luffy if he doesn’t think less of them if they die. Carrying Luffy on his shoulder, Gatz ordered half of the fighters to protect him while the other gladiators charged into battle against Doflamingo.
However, Burgess intercepts their retreat, shocking Gatz. Burgess then attacks Luffy and Gatz, but Sabo kicks him in the face. Luffy then smiles when he sees his brother.

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