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Long summary
There are three minutes left before the Birdcage reaches the central street of Dressrosa. Worried that Luffy may not get his Haki in time, the Corrida Colosseum Gladiators prepare to fight Doflamingo and take him down so they can stop the Birdcage. Doflamingo turns to them and repeats his original promise to free them if they capture Luffy. Doflamingo then uses his awakened Devil Fruit powers to impale several of them on strings.
Meanwhile, the gladiators accompanying Gatz tell him that the Birdcage will start killing people before Luffy gets his Haki, but Gatz says that he wouldn’t send Luffy out until the pirate was in a condition to fight. Suddenly, Gatz and the gladiators stop in awe as they see a giant ROOM appear from the palace platform and Law suddenly teleports down, asking when Luffy will get his Haki back. After Gatz tells him, Law tells Gatz to leave the rest of Luffy’s protection to him.
In Sebi, Bartolomeo activates the barrier in front of the Birdcage as the Colosseum gladiators who originally helped Luffy push the barrier to help Zoro slow down the Birdcage. Robin and Leo also help out and the two talk about the appearance of Teardelions, which are the fruits that Mansherry made from her tears. Tears float through the air, and when one citizen sprains his ankle while escaping from a birdcage, he is touched by a tear that instantly heals him. Leo reveals that the people they touch will increase their healing rate and could help a lot of people. He then confirms Robin’s call that the gladiators of the Coliseum were cured in this way. However, Leo says that Teardelions come with limitations, as the effects given to the healed will eventually wear off and they will return to their original state. As more and more injured citizens heal enough to escape, Mansherry flies to Kab and continues to release more tears.
At the destroyed building, Hack and Usopp appear in front of several citizens who are all shocked to see them there. Usopp tells any citizens who still have strength to go to the east and west streets to help push through the Birdcage. He receives some skepticism, but Usopp yells at the citizens to trust his friends and get moving. Meanwhile, Rebecca searches for Doflamingo, hoping to stop the Birdcage by taking down the Shichibukai. However, he is shocked to see that Viola is already facing Doflamingo. Viola tells her niece not to even think about going after Doflamingo because she wouldn’t be able to face Kyros and Scarlett if Rebecca was killed. Doflamingo asks Viola what she’s doing here, and Viola says that as a former member of the Donquixote Pirates, it would be dishonorable for her not to do anything against them.
Outside the SMILE factory, Franky and the dwarves are pushing the factory with all their might. Nearby, Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro push against Birdcage with Busoshoku Haki swords. Zoro says that Birdcage is probably slowing down when he suddenly hears someone coming after him. That person is none other than Issho, who says he will help them when he runs his sword at Birdcage. More marines head in to help and the citizens also lend a hand by pushing the SMILE Factory and Bartolomeo’s barrier. Suddenly, everyone realizes that the Birdcage has stopped under their combined efforts. However, he quickly gets moving again, but everyone gains hope from that point on and continues to push as Luffy’s recovery time reaches one minute.

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