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The crowd goes wild when Luffy returns. Doflamingo laughs as he enters the theater and says he can barely stand. But Luffy says it’s the same with Doflamingo. Doflamingo takes the initiative and attacks Luffy with strings. He also sends some to Rebecca, but Law saves her by repositioning her with a pile of debris. Doflamingo becomes aware of Law’s presence nearby and tells him to sit there and watch.
Doflamingo then uses Ever White to turn an entire segment of the city into strings, transforming them into a thousand “Flap Thread” string arrows. Attacks Luffy’s arrows. Luffy tries to parry the attacks with Haki, but it proves too much for him and some arrows pierce him, knocking Luffy into a wall. Doflamingo laughs and asks Luffy if he really got his Haki.
As the fight continues, Luffy returns to his training with Rayleigh, Rayleigh laughs at Luffy barely surviving the beast’s attack and asks him what happened to the Kong Gun that Luffy was so proud of. Luffy says that the beast he fought before was even bigger and his Kong Gun proved ineffective. Rayleigh tells Luffy that Gear 4 is wearing down his body too much and that he should come up with a better solution.
Back in the fight, Doflamingo controls the beaten Luffy and makes him come to him. He says everyone should have settled for manipulation and all these massacres could have been avoided. Hearing this, Luffy goes into Gear 4, rips the strings controlling him and jumps into the air. Doflamingo is surprised that his strings were easily cut, but soon recovers and taunts Luffy, asking him how long his second use of Gear 4 will take.
Doflamingo jumped into the air and continued to taunt Luffy for challenging him to an aerial duel. Luffy yells at Doflamingo, telling him that his desire to control and manipulate everything in his palm is causing the place to suffocate. Doflamingo replies that Luffy should blame it on his blood, stating that they are different from “ordinary people” and calling them trash. He tries to catch Luffy with the Spider Nest, but Luffy blows air into his already inflated Gear 4 muscles. Luffy prepares his weapon, the King Kong Gun, while Doflamingo tries to counter the God Thread, launching a powerful attack consisting of 16 Holy Threads. However, Doflamingo’s attack proves ineffective against the King Kong Gun, which crushes the fibers and Doflamingo along with it.
Doflamingo is hit so hard that the lenses in his sunglasses instantly shatter and he is knocked straight to the ground. The impact force from the King Kong Gun instantly flattens the surrounding landscape and bystanders flee in panic. Staring at the aftermath of Luffy’s catastrophic attack, Law remembers Donquijote Rosinante’s words – that there are those who call the “D” clan “the natural enemy of God”. Doflamingo’s sunglasses fall with a broken lens.

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