Read One Piece Manga Chapter 791


After taking Luffy’s King Kong Gun, Doflamingo fell unconscious and crashed through the ground, landing in an underground trading port. The citizens and fighters stare in shock as an exhausted Luffy releases his Gear 4 state and is blasted away by the released air. However, Law uses the Shambles to turn Luffy into stone, sending an unconscious Luffy crashing to the ground as Viola, Rebecca, and Gatz look on in amazement.
In the Underground Trade Harbor, Doflamingo’s broken sunglasses bounce off his unconscious body. The citizens are still unsure of what happened and demand that Gatz explain. Weakened and injured, Gatz prepares to announce the outcome of the fight, though he has been warned not to overdo it. Gatz then points out that the Birdcage is disappearing and compares it to Doflamingo losing control over them. Elsewhere, Zoro’s group, the gladiator group, and Franky’s group make a final push as the Birdcage finally disappears, the force of the final push causing the SMILE factory to tip over on its side. Gatz tearfully announces that Dressrosa is finally free after a colossal battle between Luffy’s allies and the Donquixote pirates, but his injuries and overflowing tears cause him to babble at times and the citizens yell at him to announce the winner. As Gatz roars in anticipation, Riku Doldo III remembers Doflamingo arriving at his window ten years ago, and Rebecca remembers Luffy’s promise to send Doflamingo flying and free the captive gladiators. Finally, Gatz announces that “Lucy” has won and that Dressrosa is now free from the Donquijote Pirates.
All over the island everyone is celebrating and shedding tears of joy. Franky remembers the dwarves saying how lonely Kyros was when he was a toy for ten years and he couldn’t cry to ease the pain. Grinning, Kyros heads behind a piece of rubble, remembering the efforts he and the dwarves made to dethrone Doflamingo over the past ten years, finally breaking into tears of joy. Although Dressrosa was reduced to rubble, everyone on it was happy because of the events that happened.

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