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Citizens across Dressros celebrate the defeat of Doflamingo and the collapse of the Birdcage.
In another part of town, Sabo stands over a defeated Jesus Burgess. The Blackbeard Pirate tries to get the revolutionary to kill him, but fails. As Sabo begins to leave, Burgess taunts him about Ace’s last words before being handed over to the Marines; Sabo’s Den Den Mushi is ringing all the time. The revolutionaries rush to leave the island before the marines show up, but are unable to contact Sabo. Burgess reveals that Ace’s last request was to keep the details of his death from his little brother. Sabo can’t control himself and grabs Burgess by the head, telling him that every night he thought about how Ace felt when he died. Burgess then tries to stab Sabo with a combat knife hidden behind his back, taunting that Sabo must regret not being there to save Ace. Sabo angrily replies that he will have no more regrets before finishing Burgess off with a fiery direct attack. Burgess’ scream is heard from the burning inferno as Sabo comments that even if he himself doesn’t care, Ace won’t forgive him.
Sabo then answers his Den Den Mushi, with Koala on the second line expressing concern that he won’t be able to contact him. Sabo allays her concerns and asks if she found “the list”. Koala confirms that she has and is instructed by Sabo to call the ship and then meet Hack at the underground trading port. Koala says he’s already at the port waiting for Saba with the others. Koala expects an answer and is irritated when Sabo hangs up instead, taking out her frustration on a nearby subordinate.
The Marines search Dressrosa, eventually finding and arresting all of the defeated Donquixote officers with the exception of Violet and Baby 5. They are warned to handcuff each of them with the Seastone, as most of them are Devil Fruit users (Doflamingo is wrapped in Kairoseki shackles). Marine asks about their reporting to HQ, but Maynard replies that Issho asked them to postpone it, much to their surprise. On Applenine Island and two other islands near Dressrosa, Maynard broadcasts and reveals the current state of Dressrosa, shocking the people on the islands. Maynard then tells another marine to take the video of Den Den Mushi to Issh.
Meanwhile, the citizens of Dressrosa start cheering for Riku as their king again, but Riku refuses to return to the throne. However, the citizens say that he is their rightful ruler and that they are tired of the violence. Riku warns that his family’s aversion to violence has made them pushovers, but the citizens don’t care, they want peace despite what could happen to Dressrose. Elizabello II then throws in his support when someone tells Riku that the leaders of the neighboring countries are calling nonstop to find out what’s going on, and Riku is touched by everyone’s support. Issho and several marines then approach Riku, and Issho says that it was because of the World Government and the Shichibukai System that allowed Doflamingo to take over Dressrosa. He and the marines then kneel and bow to Riku in apology for everything the World Government has done to them.
The neighboring islands are still in shock at what happened, and after learning all the facts, the news that the Straw Hats and the Heart Pirate Alliance have deposed Doflamingo is broadcast to the rest of the world.

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