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Three days after the Battle of Dressrosa, Sengoku and Tsuru arrive at Sengoku Island. Sengoku contacts Issho and expresses his surprise that Luffy is still on Dressrose, but is told that the Straw Hat has been seriously injured. Sengoku then teases Issho about his humility and his fight with Sakazuki, but Tsuru tells them to be quiet and asks Issho why he isn’t chasing after Luffy and Law. Issho reveals that he rolled the dice to decide, causing Sengoku to burst out laughing and Tsuru to cry in anger. Issho says that for the past two days the roll has been pointing against their capture, but then he gives the die to Tsuru saying that if she rolls anything other than a one, they will go after Luffy and Law.
Suddenly, Mansherry comes to the marine camp and asks for a donation. Tsuru and most of the marines swarm over her, much to Maujii’s anger. Mansherry reveals that even though the dwarves are only supposed to show themselves to the royal family, she wanted to come and heal everyone’s wounds.
On the podium in front of the palace platform, Gatz announces to the citizens that Riku Doldo III will return to the throne after ten years, to the cheers of the audience. Inside the palace, Elizabello II sits with Riku and reflects how the citizens wanted wealth and power, but now they just want peace. Riku hopes he has what it takes to make his kingdom happy before handing over the throne to Rebecca, and a wary Elizabello wonders if it’s a good idea when she remembers how strong Scarlett was. Inside the palace, Rebecca put on a dress that was very similar to Scarlett’s dress. The attendant reveals that she heard that Scarlett married a prince from a faraway land, so it was necessary for her to fake her death. Rebecca grimly remembers Riku telling her she had to pass the lie because Kyros wanted it.
Meanwhile, Kin’emon and Kanjuro ride one of Kanjuro’s birds and talk about the rumor about Rebecca’s father. The “prince” was from a land of beautiful lakes engulfed in war, but the prince died in that war, leading Scarlett and Rebecca to live in secret in Dressros. They then see the marines selling Mansherry’s flower medicine and a long line forms to get this miracle medicine. Inside the tent, Sengoku watches Mansherry create flowers by sucking people’s blood and asks if Mansherry can take another one.
At Kyros’ house, Zoro tells Luffy about the rumor, but Luffy reacts with a mixture of anger, sadness, haste, hunger, and sleepiness as he eats the meat, which annoys Zoro. Luffy tries to shout the truth but Usopp tells him to go back to sleep. However, Kyros reveals that he was the one who started the rumor, as few knew who Rebecca’s father was. He says he wasn’t the type of person to be in the royal family and that the citizens knew it. Luffy screams in anger, but Kyros says that he sent Rebecca a letter explaining everything and that he has dealt with Riku as well. Luffy tries to buy it when Kyros calls out to Leo and Bartolomeo runs in. After Bartolomeo expresses his utter happiness at seeing the five Straw Hats, he reveals that Sengoku and Tsuru have arrived. The Straw Hats react in shock and Leo tells Kyros that the marines are on the move.
A die is rolled and a six comes up. Issho then orders his men to capture the Straw Hats, Law, and all the criminals housed in the royal palace. The Straw Hats, Samurai, and Law agree to leave, but realize they don’t have a ship. However, Bartolomeo tells everyone to follow him to the harbor as the Colosseum allies are waiting at places along the route and there will be a ship. The Straw Hats prepare to leave as the Marines rush to Cyrus’ house. Bellamy reveals that he can stand because of Mansherry’s recovery and asks Law why he didn’t kill him, to which Law replies that Luffy said he was a friend. The Straw Hats, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Law, Bellamy, and Bartolomeo then run out of the house, hoping not to run into Fujitora. However, Luffy stops, saying that he had something to do and promised to catch up with everyone later. Hearing that Luffy and the others were escaping, Rebecca sadly says that she hasn’t thanked him enough yet. Meanwhile, Issho prepares to hunt down Luffy.

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