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Luffy attacks Fujitora, but tells the admiral beforehand what attack he is about to perform. Bartolomeo worries that Luffy will run into the admiral at this point, and Sai wonders if they should provide backup. Zoro appreciates Luffy’s intention, but is confused by Luffy’s change in fighting style. Fujitora manages to land a blow on Luffy, but Luffy says he won’t run away.
When he and Luffy face off again, Fujitora becomes angry with Luffy for reporting his attacks due to his blindness, saying that he was a naval admiral known as a monster and that he would not tolerate anyone supporting him. Fujitora says that if Luffy was just doing it to piss him off, then he’s already succeeded, but Luffy replies that since Fujitora couldn’t see him, he wanted to let the admiral know how to beat him.
Fujitora unexpectedly laughs at this statement, causing Luffy to become angry and attack him. Fujitora expresses amusement that Luffy followed such illogical principles as he activated the gravity field to push Luffy and question Luffy’s principles during the battle. He then sends Luffy flying through the cliffs and Hajrudin grabs Luffy with Cavendish’s help. Luffy yells at Hajrudin to put him down and Zoro prepares to help in the battle, but Bartolomeo tells him that there is no time for all that is on their plate.
Usopp is confused that there is only one ship in the harbor, but Orlumbus tells him to look again, and Usopp sees several ships anchored in a straight line. Hajrudin runs with the pirates towards the ships as Luffy yells to let him go, but Fujitora grimly thinks it’s too late for Luffy. Its floating debris would sink all of their ships, and even if they somehow manage to escape, the Four Emperors are already on the move and would be after Luffy for taking down the Joker. Fujitora says that he became blind because he saw things no one should see, and that he could kill Luffy himself.
Suddenly, Fujitora hears a crowd of citizens running towards the port, shouting at him to return Rebecca. Fujitora tried to stop them, saying he would take care of the criminals, but the citizens brushed him off and told him they would go after the pirates themselves. However, none of the citizens get angry when they shout threats at Luffy. Abdullah and Jeet wonder what the citizens want and as the citizens flee, one of them is confused as they know Rebecca was discovered living with Kyros.
However, the townspeople tell him that they already knew that and also knew Rebecca’s true heritage as well as the truth about fairies. They expressed their true intent to protect the pirates from Fujitora and let them escape as they renewed their false threats. Fujitora begins to wonder what Luffy was really like, wishing he wasn’t blind to see the pirate. Fujitora then retreats, prompting Bastille to ask him how long he can keep the debris in the air.
At the port, Bartolomeo introduces Yonta to Maria and the pirates gaze in awe at the massive ship before boarding. On the ship, Hajrudin tells Luffy that he had four mercenary giant friends and together they would unite the giant tribes and reform the legendary Giant Warrior Pirates. Luffy happily reacts as Usopp becomes overwhelmed and expresses his desire to go to Elbaf.
Orlumbus then offers his fleet of 56 ships, and Leo says that he and the dwarves got permission from the chief to be included in the Straw Hat Pirates, which confuses them. Teaming up, Ideo, Blue Gilly, Abdullah and Jeet also lend their support as Suleiman declares his intention to join Cavendish on his ship and crew.
Luffy is confused and says that the pirates can do whatever they want, but Orlumbus tells him that they reached an order agreement at the palace: First come the Beautiful Pirates led by Cavendish, then the Barto Club led by Bartolomeo, then the Happo Navy. headed by Sai. After that would come the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance represented by Ide, then the Tontatt Army led by Lee, then the fledgling Giant Warrior Pirates led by Hajrudin, and finally the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet led by Orlumbus. A total of 5,600 people are ready and Bartolomeo asks Luffy to trade sake cups so they are like parent and child. This confuses Luffy, so Bartolomeo asks him if the seven crews can become subordinate crews of the Straw Hat Pirate

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