One Piece Manga Chapter 8

One Piece Manga Chapter 8

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In order to get food for himself and Zoro, Luffy tries to catch a bird, but it is much bigger than him, and is eventually brought to the island. Zoro gives chase, picking off several of Buggy the Clown’s pirates along the way. Meanwhile, Luffy meets a girl named Nami who was running away from some pirates.
Zoro and Luffy are lost, starving at sea due to the fact that neither of them have any navigational skills. He talks about how Zoro survives at sea by hunting others. Zoro points out how strange it is that a pirate like Luffy is unable to navigate, though Luffy claims that he is usually fine with wandering. He then points out that Zoro is no different, being a wandering bounty hunter. Zoro reveals that he never intended to become a bounty hunter when he first set out to sea, but solely to search for a certain man. But after that, he couldn’t find his way back home. This left him with no choice but to live by bounty hunting. Luffy somewhat correctly concludes that Zoro has been lost this whole time, angering the swordsman who tells him to shut up. Some time passes and a bird flies overhead, causing a starving Luffy to go after it, ending up with him in the bird’s beak, leaving Zoro to chase him.
As Zoro rows as fast as he can, he runs into the castaways and tells them to hold on because he isn’t stopping. Once on board, they reveal that they are pirates working for Captain Buggy and that they have been taking the ship. Zoro then reveals who he is to them by beating them up. As they rowed on with him, the question arises as to why they were in the middle of the ocean.
It turns out that they were tricked by a girl on a ship who stole their ship and treasure and let them sink on her ship with the help of a storm. Zoro wonders if a person like her who can predict the weather would join him and Luffy. One of Buggy’s crew tells Zoro about their captain and how he has Devil Fruit powers.
Meanwhile, a girl in a nearby town is on the run from some of Buggy’s crew after stealing a map to the Grand Line from them. Elsewhere, Buggy’s men report seeing a strange bird and Buggy gives the order to shoot it down. When the bird is hit, Luffy falls right in front of the girl. However, to Superman Domingo’s shock, Luffy gets up unharmed.
The girl tries to claim that Luffy is her boss to get out of trouble with the pirates and runs away, leaving Luffy to deal with them. One of Buggy’s crew knocks Luffy’s straw hat off, causing him to become enraged. Luffy beats them up. After they finish, the girl reappears and claims to be a thief who steals from pirates named Nami.

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