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CP0 reaches the Royal Palace of Dressrosa and the agent reports to fellow agent Rob Lucci that they couldn’t find the list of smugglers, but it was clear that the items were stolen. Lucci confirms to the agent that it could only have been the Revolutionary Army who stole the weapons, and fellow Agent Spandam comments on how annoying the Revolutionaries were, but Lucci replies that he was just as annoying. Meanwhile, Viola dances in front of the citizens while the narrator comments that Dressrosa’s dark history is over and now that Riku is king again, peaceful days are about to return. Riku reveals Gancho and Mansherry’s existence to the public and they are met with cheers as Leo gives the blueprints to the human in hopes of making something. At the palace, Riku notices that the Levels will soon take place and Tank comments that the other countries were already preparing. A harmonious day continues on Dressrose as Rebecca fits in the market and the citizens build statues of Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp. The time has come for humans to live alongside the dwarves.
On a naval ship at sea, Fujitora tells Sengoku that he will go alone since he failed to capture Luffy and Law. Sengoku tells him that Sakazuki would probably be lenient if Fujitora apologized, but Fujitora tells him that his pride was too strong. Below decks, Tsuru is talking to Donquixote Doflamingo in the brig. Doflamingo tells her that Fujitora should have worked with him to take out Luffy and Law because he had everyone under control. Tsuru tells him to stop whining because he lost and this scenario would never happen. Tsuru asks him what will happen to the pirates under his control, and Doflamingo cheerfully replies that there were many parties that decided to take over the world, including the mysterious D. family, and that Mary Geoise should be prepared to lose her high position. Doflamingo says that there can only be one supreme power on the seas and the greatest war in history is about to begin.
Meanwhile, a pirate affiliated with Kaida looks at the four naval ships containing Doflamingo. He tells his captain Jack that it would be impossible to save him and asks him if they should go back. However, Jack brushes off the question and tells him that they would have done it regardless of who he was.
Elsewhere, the Straw Pirates react with shock and outrage when they see the Barto Club’s ship, Going Luffy-senpai. Bartolomeo and Gambia admire Luffy’s Vivre Card before the entire crew passes out in Luffy’s presence. Luffy remembers how Bellamy and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet captains took each piece of the Vivre card before they left. Law tells Bartolome to set sail for Zoa, and Usopp and Franky ask if Sanji and the others are there yet. Suddenly, while reading the newspaper, Zoro is shocked to notice that their rewards have increased. Bartolomeo beckons the Straw Hats inside to see their wanted posters and tells Law, whose poster he discarded, that it is now worth Beli 500,000,000. Bartolomeo then presents the framed posters, each with updated images. Franky becomes angry that Usopp has now received a reward of over 100,000,000 Beli and he has not, and the Straw Hats notice that Sanji’s poster now has a picture of him instead of a sketch. Bartolomeo reveals that the reward for the gladiators who took part in the fight against Doflamingo has been increased by 50,000,000 Beli before pointing out something strange on Sanji’s poster: he is wanted “Only Alive”.

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