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While going Luffy-senpai is rained down by large hail and manages to make a hole in the deck, Bartolomeo tells Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Pirates to go below deck, but Luffy says they will help the Barto Club and asks Franky who their navigator is . However, Bartolomeo reveals that they don’t have one as they were originally a land gang, which outrages Usopp, and Gambia calls her grandmother to ask her what they should do; Gambia’s grandmother only told them to use the hailstones to freeze the pieces of gum on board and treat the warts, which angered Usopp even more. When the Straw Hat Pirates curse Going Luffy-senpai and wish him to be equipped like the Thousand Sunny, Roronoa Zoro tells Bartolomeo to build a barrier, but Bartolomeo says that they were told it was a sin to defy nature, which irritates Zoro. wondering how the Barto Club ever made it this far in the New World. Despite this, Bartolomeo expresses confidence that they will have nothing to fear on their perilous journey as long as there are straw pirates on their ship.
At Marine HQ, Kizaru receives word that the A O Pirates, who previously served under the Whitebeard Pirates, have been destroyed by the Shichibukai Edward Weevil. The Marine reports that this is the sixteenth Whitebeard’s crew that has been wiped out, and it was business as usual, petty squabbles turning into rampages. He reports that 600 people died in the attack and asks Kizaru if it was right for them to ignore Weevil’s crimes since he was a Shichibukai. However, Kizaru says that being the son of Whitebeard is a powerful title and there is very little chance of it being valid. However, there was no doubt that he was an incredibly powerful pirate, reminiscent of Whitebeard in his youth.
On the island, Weevil stands before the city he destroyed and the pirates he killed, saying that these pirates can never be considered Whitebeard’s sons. His mother, Buckin, confirms his statement and tells him that the Whitebeard Pirates were only pretenders; Weevil, as his only blood relative, was his only true son. Buckin declares herself to be the one who stole Whitebeard’s heart and whips Weevil in the leg, telling him to pull himself together. Buckin pulls out a picture of Whitebeard, which Weevil initially mistook for a mirror, and she tells him that since they resembled each other so much, they must be blood relatives. After Buckin forgives his son, he tells him that their next mission was to hunt down the stragglers from the Whitebeard Pirates, starting with Marc. Buckin tells Weevil that Whitebeard was supposed to leave him a huge inheritance, and as Whitebeard’s only biological son, he was the true beneficiary. However, Weevil expresses his desire to get revenge on Blackbeard for killing his father, but Buckin tells him that there will be no monetary gain. Buckin then receives the paper from News Coo and gasps in shock. He reveals that Luffy overthrew Doflamingo and Marco and the others protected him during the war with Whitebeard. Weevil thinks that Luffy might know Marco’s location and decides to get it out of him.
A week later, Going Luffy-senpai sails through thick fog and the members of the Barto Club begin to get seasick. The patrol reports to Bartolome that he has spotted something that could be a mountain or a monster. The sentinel reports that the mass is moving, which causes Luffy to become agitated, forcing Usopp to restrain him. Law reveals that his Vivre card pointed to the mass and told a story he heard about an island that drives visitors away with fog and ocean currents. The pirates then see Zoe and react in shock, about to turn around. However, Law tells them to stay there because Zou is actually the land resting on the back of a giant elephant. Law says that he couldn’t lead Log Poses there because it’s moving, and he’s never been to the island before, but Sanji’s group might have already arrived. Law prepares to disembark and asks Bartolomeo for supplies. Kin’emon and Kanjuro are in awe of the island, and Kanjuro tells stories he’s heard of a tribe that resides there and hates humans, which Law confirms is a mink tribe that has had no contact with humans for over 1,000 years. Luffy is shocked to know that this elephant has been alive for so long.

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