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Going Luffy-senpai docks at one of Zou’s legs next to the Thousand Sunny and Bartolomeo screams in excitement when he sees the straw pirate ship. Bartolomeo begins to worship her to Zoro and Usopp’s anger, and the Straw Hats, along with Law, Kin’emon, and Kanjur, board the Sunny. Seeing no sign of the crew on board, they prepare to go ashore. Bartolomeo asks if they need anything else as he prepares to leave, though he wants to continue the move. The Barto Club then leaves Zou with tears in their eyes, promising to serve the Grand Straw Hat Fleet as best they can. However, the Straw Hats ignore them as they watch Kanjur draw something, but the Barto Club feels happy regardless. Kanjuro then brings his “climbing dragon” out of the ground, though the pirates note that it doesn’t look like it at all. Kanjuro tells everyone to grab the dragon’s back as it grabs the elephant’s leg, and Usopp is shocked that the dragon can’t fly. Grabbing the dragon, Luffy thanks Bartolomeo and addresses him by name. This causes the Barto Club to celebrate as they leave.
At the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army in Baltig, Dragon learns that rebel armies around the world are winning their battles. Dragon notices the impact that defeating Doflamingo had on these countries and is surprised that so many countries use illegal weapons. However, he tells the reporter that the rebels should not lose their will to fight and should remember Cipher Pol growing stronger. Koala then informs Dragon that the weapons they stole from Dressrosa contained traces of a special mineral, which Dragon revealed to be Liquor Iron Ore. Koala is surprised because only a few countries mine it and knows they could use this information to get closer to her. manufacturers of these weapons. Koala thanks Dragon for helping them find Luffy and their lost friends on Dressrose, and Dragon asks about Robin. Koala reveals that the rumors of her capture on Sabaody were false and asks Dragon if he will ask about Luffy, but Dragon dodges it by saying that Sabo already told him.
Somewhere in the New World there are two Jolly Roger ships from Blackbeard Pirates. On one ship, Laffitte receives a call from Jesus Burgess saying they stopped by Dressrosa to pick him up, but he was nowhere to be found. Shiryu expresses his surprise that Burgess was still alive, and Burgess reveals that he hid on a certain ship. He tells Laffitte to tell Blackbeard to bring everyone and attack his current location as they could get their hands on a large supply of weapons, and also to bring in Doc Q to treat his injuries. Shiryu yells at Burgess to tell them where he is, and Burgess doesn’t know the name of the island, but reveals that the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army is there.
Meanwhile, in the Buggy District on the island of Karai Bari, the members of the Pirate Dispatch Organization are celebrating as their business with pirate mercenaries is skyrocketing now that Doflamingo is gone. After the party, Buggy yells at them to loot and loot because, being a Shichibukai, everything they did was legal. Mohji then tells Buggy that Hajrudin has ended their business, but Alvida replies that it doesn’t matter because they have four more giant mercenaries. However, Mohji reveals that all five have finished, shocking Buggy. He demands to know the reason for their departure and Mohji hesitates, knowing Buggy won’t want to hear an answer.
The defeated pirates continue to ride Kanjur’s dragon down Zou’s leg, and Usopp complains that his arms are tired, but the top is still not in sight. Luffy then asks Kin’emon and Kanjuro what they have on Zou, and Kanjuro reveals that they wanted to check on Momonosuke to see if their last friend had landed here: a ninja named Raizo. The Straw Hats and Law react with shock at the news that he is a ninja, when suddenly Robin notices something falling towards them from above.

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