Read One Piece Manga Chapter 804


The Straw Hat Pirates, Law, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro react in shock to the thing falling on them, which is a monkey in clothing. The monkey makes a chirping sound that Kanjuro believes is from Raizo, though his eyes are closed and he can’t see who it really is. At Luffy’s command, Strawberries and Law lean to the side to avoid the falling monkey. However, Kin’emon and Kanjuro are playing and can’t see, so the monkey hits them and knocks them off the dragon. The Straw Hats are shocked to see this and wonder what exactly fell on them. Luffy says they need to save the two samurai when Kin’emon’s voice is heard. Kin’emon tells the pirates to go ahead and he will soon join them, Robin says that she first saw a man covered in blood with knives stuck through him and at some point she saw a monkey. Although Luffy intends to return regardless. The Straw Hats tell the dragon to turn around, but when they see how much he is suffering, they take pity on him and continue up to put him out of his misery. Suddenly, Franky hears an unknown voice downstairs shouting that trespassing is not allowed.
Finally the Straw Hats near the elephant cheering on the dragon they named Ryunosuke. They finally reach the top and Ryunosuke returns to the painting much to the chagrin of everyone except Zoro and Law. Usopp yells at them for overlooking Ryunosuke’s hard work, but Zoro says that now is not the time to dwell on the past. The Straw Hats then head to the gate and express surprise that an entire civilization resides there, noting that there are no guards at the gate. Luffy has already climbed one of the watchtowers and expresses his awe at the civilization that lies beyond, which had forests, rivers, and cities. Suddenly, Usopp notices something, but is cut off as Luffy jumps off the wall into civilization. Robin asks Zoro if they should wait for Kin’emon, but Zoro says they shouldn’t before they walk through the wide open gate. However, Law notices the damage around her, as if someone has broken her open. The Straw Hats also see that the forest contains destruction, though Zoro is adamant about continuing forward despite Usopp’s objections.
In the forest, the girl spies the Straw Hats and realizes that Bariete had to be taken out so they could trespass. Luffy runs excitedly into town, shouting the names of the Sunny crew. Franky notes that there are no signs of gunpowder or gas to indicate how the destruction occurred, and Usopp questions why they can’t explore the peaceful island. Suddenly Usopp hears a noise and Zoro steps forward to confront the girl who is rushing towards them. Zoro slashes at the girl but she dodges and levitates above him before using her rabbit claws to clash with one of his swords. However, another woman arrives at the beast and tells a girl named Carrot to stop. The other person tells Carrot to leave them alone because they need to deal with the invaders in the Whale Forest. Law confirms that both creatures are of the Mink tribe when Usopp is shocked to notice that the other Mink is wearing Nami’s outfit.

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