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Zoro wonders what kind of weapon Carrot has that shocked him, as Carrot reacts with shock to the news of intruders in the Whale Forest, saying that they would anger the Rangers. Franky wonders if minks are human or animal, and Usopp yells at a mink dog named Wanda, asking her how she got Nami’s clothes. Robin wonders if the Nork tribe ate their crew members, causing Usopp to yell at her for her negativity. The carrot then jumps high into the air, shocking Franky and causing Usopp to cower in fear. Wanda asks her what she sees, and Carrot reports that chaos is happening just outside Crow City in the Whale Forest. Wanda is about to ride there and tells Carrot to climb on her steed Wany. He then yells at the Straw Hats and gives them instructions on how to get to the Right Belly Forest where they will find the corpses of their friends.
This causes the Straw Hats to panic and Wanda and Carrot leave. Carrot asks if they’ll be okay, knowing they’d be in shock, but Wanda says that what happened happened. He knows that the attacker is probably Luffy and the Guardians will show him no mercy despite being the captain of the Straw Hats. The Straw Hats continue to panic over the supposed deaths of their crew members, but Zoro assures them that Sanji will not let his group die. Robin asks Law if he has any way to contact his crew, and Law denies it, saying he didn’t expect to see his crew again. However, he realizes that he has Bepo’s Vivre Card in his pocket. Usopp asks Law if Bepo is a mink, which Law confirms, though he says that Bepo left Zo when he was young and has no memories of his homeland. The pirates decide to continue pushing into the city instead of doing what Wanda told them to do.
In the Whale Forest, Bepo yells at the mink, Roddy, to stop attacking Luffy because he was a friend. However, Roddy says he’s still an intruder as he and Luffy go head to head. Blackback, Gorilla Mink, wonders why “Electro” doesn’t affect Luffy. Jean Bart is about to use brute force to break up the fight, but Blackback hits him. The rest of the Heart Pirates panic from the chaos when Wanda and Carrot suddenly arrive and throw a cape at Roddy and bananas at Blackback to calm them down. Luffy is shocked to see Wanda and she tells him they don’t want to fight; The guards will stop attacking if Luffy stops as well. Luffy expresses his confusion about the island’s inhabitants, saying that the guards ambushed him. Wanda asks the Guardians to back off, having to yell at those hiding in the shadows, and Luffy is shocked to be surrounded. Luffy talks to the Heart Pirates, though his use of Law’s nickname confuses them until he explains. The Heart Pirates are excited to see their captain again.
As the Straw Hats explore the ruined city, Robin realizes that there was a recent invasion as there were still signs of life. Franky thinks the culprit isn’t quite human as there are large claw marks on the buildings. There is also a footprint on the ground about the size of a normal elephant, and Law asks if the destruction was caused by a Norse feud. Robin knows that sometime in the last two weeks this country fell into ruin and Luffy gets the same information as he stands outside the city with Wanda and the Heart Pirates. Wanda reveals that Jack is the one who ravaged the land, and the earth suddenly begins to shake as an eruptive rain approaches. Wanda tells Luffy to get on Wany and take him to his friends. Luffy is relieved that Sanji and the others are still alive, though Wanda won’t say a word about it.

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