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Seventeen days ago, the minks reacted with shock to the mammoth that appeared when the guard monkey rang the Raid Bell and shouted that the pirates had breached the gate and taken out the guards. The Norks told the mammoth that they had never heard of Raiz and asked him to leave. Sheepshead taunted the minks when one of them told the mammoth to state his name, which angered the pirate. Sheepshead told them that the mammoth was Jack the Drought, Kaidou’s right-hand man and one of the three people known as the Calamities. The Sheepshead, Gifters Shinuchi, told the Minks to hand over Raizo or lose their peaceful existence, but Monjii refused, saying that Jack would have to seek peace. However, Jack responded by swinging his trunk and flattening several buildings. Jack stated that he didn’t come to talk and again demanded that Raizo be brought to him. The Minks again refused and Jack ordered the Pleasures to ravage the land. However, The Pleasures were easily chased away by both the old and young minks using Electro. Monjii told Jack that every mink was a born warrior and could defend himself, he said that he had powerful warriors and that it would be wiser to talk to the duke. However, Jack refused and sent the Gifters into battle, and the Minks were shocked by the Gifters’ animalistic qualities.
Back in the present, Usopp is shocked that the attackers were Kaidou’s henchmen, and Wanda claims she still doesn’t know how they got to the island. Luffy is excited to hear about the mammoth, causing Usopp to berate him, and Brook tells his crewmates that they shouldn’t mention the samurai because of the event. However, Luffy says that he is sad that said ninja Kin’emon was probably not on the island, shocking and angering his crew. Wanda suspiciously asks if Luffy is in on something about Wano Country, but Brook denies it while he and the others beat Luffy up. They then get to the Duke’s sanatorium and Wanda says they can continue the discussion later.
There is a ruckus in the sanatorium when a mink named Shishilian throws several minks into a bottomless pit. Wanda rushes over to find out what the problem is, and Shishilian states that he threw some minks into the pit because they were talking about sweet things in his presence. The remaining Minks apologize to him when Wanda reveals that she brought the Straw Hat Pirates, causing Shishilian to immediately bow and thank them for saving the country. Shishilian then opens the door to where Duke Inuarashi was waiting on his bed, and Inuarashi greeted and thanked the Straw Hats. Luffy commented that the duke looked very strong, but Inuarashi dismissed it, saying that a defeated person could not receive such an honor. However, Wanda claims they had the upper hand until Jack brought the weapon to Mokomo Duchy, and Chopper reveals to a confused Luffy that Jack used Caesar’s poison weapon to destroy the country.

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