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Ten days ago, curly-haired pirates roamed the gas-covered terrain of Zou. Caesar Clown laughed in delight at how powerful the gas was, revealing that his name was Koro and that he had invented it. This caused Chopper to beat Caesar and the scientist yelled that he didn’t fire the weapon, but Chopper said that no one would have suffered if Koro hadn’t been invented. Caesar tried to dissuade them from rescuing the mink, saying that the species is strong and hates humans. Then there was an eruptive rain and Sanji, Chopper and Caesar pulled themselves onto a branch. Suddenly, Sanji heard Nami scream and ordered Caesar to release the gas as he went to save her. When Sanji defeated Sheepshead and the Beasts pirates retreated, a grief-stricken Caesar used Roko to clear Koro from the air.
Chopper went to Kurau City and noticed that Caesar’s solution was working when he called his crewmates. The Curly Hats saw the fallen mink warriors and were shocked, but also guessed that there were more, and Sanji wondered if Caesar was right about the Minks being violent. Suddenly, Wanda attacked Nami as she asked if the pirates were allied with Jack. Sanji and Brook rushed to Nami’s aid, but Nami said she was fine as the poison weakened Wanda. Nami slammed Wanda into the ground, but the mink suddenly picked up a bomb and said it was going to blow them all up. Angered, Wanda asked Nami what grudge they hold against the mink tribe and why they intend to slaughter them all. Suddenly, Tristan arrives and tells Wanda that the Beast Pirates have retreated and that the Curly Hats have saved her. Pedro then revealed that they were not connected to Jack and that they cleared the gas from the air. Suddenly, Chopper came in and yelled at everyone that after 48 hours the gas wouldn’t be able to be treated and ordered the minks to gather anyone who was able to help him. Wanda cried as she realized Strawberries would save them, and Nami told her that not a single mink would be left behind.
The Curly Hats eventually succeeded in curing all the minks, and the mood gradually improved as more and more people recovered. In the present, Wanda concludes her story by licking Nami as a thank you for her crew’s work. Luffy expresses his anger at Jack, saying that he would like to beat up the pirate, and Wanda repeats that she doubts Jack is dead after seeing him fight. Chopper then tells his crew that he’s headed to Nekomamushi and the Guardians to check on them, and the Straw Hats and Wanda go with him. Wanda reveals that she is active at all hours of the day as Kingsbird, the ruler’s aide, and Luffy and Brook are excited to meet Nekomamushi. They ride out into the night with Carrot and Wanda expresses relief that the full moon has been covered by clouds.
Zoro asks Wanda what happened to Sanji and Caesar since they still didn’t know that part. However, Brook tells him that most minks haven’t been told what happened so they shouldn’t worry. Brook says that the event only happened two days ago and told his crew members that it was very possible that Sanji would not be able to return to them. Even though Zou was the Phantom Island that Log Poses didn’t point to, the crew of the Sunny made a grave mistake when they ran away from the Big Mom Pirates. However, the Emperor’s crew overheard their destination and one of their crew, Pekoms, was a native of the island. And so Big Mom’s Pirates arrived on Zou while Pekoms and another crew member prepared for the island. Pekoms talks to his captain through Den Den Mushi and tells her to leave it to him since Zou is his homeland.

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