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Nami and Chopper are stunned that Sanji is getting married, and Bege gives the invitation to Sanji. Sanji’s cigarette falls to the ground and starts to smolder as he questions why this happened just now; Bege replies that he doesn’t know (or care) about Sanji’s family problems. Brook recognizes Vinsmoke’s name and says it freezes him. Bege notices the fire caused by Sanji’s cigarette growing and quickly puts it out.
Sanji asks Bege who was behind his engagement, and Bege replies that it was Sanji’s family. Nami recalls that in Jaya, Sanji stated that he was born in North Blue; Brook replies (with Nami agreeing) that it was significant because one has to undergo the atypical route of crossing the red line to get from North Blue to East Blue. Caesar further reveals that “Charlotte” is Big Mom’s birth name, and that if Sanji marries into Charlotte’s family, the entire Straw Hat crew would become de facto subordinates of the Big Mom Pirates. Sanji rejects the proposal on the spot, refusing to marry a woman he’s never met before or jeopardize Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King.
In response, Bege animates objects in his castle, ties Sanji to a chair with a tablecloth, creates two cannons that aim at the Straw Hats, and briefly sinks Nami into the floor. She tells Sanji that she doesn’t offer him a choice and that no one can escape Big Mom’s tea parties when they are invited. Vito confirms this, describing Big Mom’s invitation as a summons order. Vito then shares something with Sanji, who gets angry when he hears it. Bege reminds everyone present of Big Mom’s influence as Emperor and tells them that the only way to survive in the New World was to obey the Emperor’s orders. Sanji demands a pen and paper from Bega, who assumes she intends to write a message for Luffy.
Sanji gives the note to Nami, Chopper and Brook and tells them to give it to Luffy and the others. He tells them that he never intended to hide things from them because he never expected to have to deal with his past again. Despite their protests, Sanji decides to solve his problems on his own, and after sensing a strong presence outside, throws his three crew members out of Begein’s fortress. Caesar protests that Sanji didn’t free him, but soon has more trouble as Sanji grabs the pistol of one of the Fire Tank pirates and holds the scientist hostage at gunpoint. Sanji tells Bega that he knows the Fire Tank Pirates wouldn’t dare harm him because he was backed by someone powerful – powerful enough to change his capture reward to “Just Alive” and powerful enough to arrange this wedding. Sanji threatens to shoot Caesar in the head if the Fire Tank Pirates go after the other Straw Hats, and instead agrees to leave Zoa with them so he can confront his family. Bege agrees to Sanji’s terms, despite his crew’s protests, and reveals that there is another problem.
Outside, a still wounded Nekomamushi looms behind Bege and asks him what happened to Pekoms. Bege lies that he and Pekoms were attacked by one of the remaining members of Jack’s crew while the other Straw Hats yell at Sanji through the door on Bege’s chest. Sanji tells them with a smile that it was his problem and that he’ll be back before Bege turns his legs into a tank and runs away. Wanda asks the Straw Hats if the Minks should pursue Bege, but Brook orders her not to, as Sanji has no intention of returning.
During the commotion, Sanji’s note slipped from Nami’s chains and fell to the ground. The contents of the note are finally revealed; he simply states that he went to meet a woman and will be back.

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