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Luffy and Nami are shocked by Pekoms’ revelation that the Vinsmoke family is a family of assassins. Pekoms asks them if they’ve ever heard of the Germa 66, which Nami dismisses as a “mythical army of evil”. This is corrected by Pekoms, who replies that the organization is not only real, but commanded by the Vinsmokes; Sanji’s father is the head of the organization. Nami is shocked by the news, but Luffy states that he doesn’t understand or care; she just wants to know if Sanji will come back after the wedding or not. He also says that he does not want to serve under the Big Mom Pirates and that if Sanji marries, the Big Mom Pirates will become his subordinates instead. This statement causes Pekoms to fall off the bed in shock and angrily reminds Luffy that Big Mom is one of the Four Emperors.
As Pekoms returns to bed, she says there’s no way to turn down Big Mom’s invitation to the Tea Party; if Sanji did that, Big Mom would send him the head of someone he got involved with; it could have been a member of the Straw Hats, one of the cooks on Baratie, or even someone from Momoiro Island. This angers Luffy, but Pekoms claims that the Four Emperors have so much power that anything they desire will just happen. However, she assures Luffy that the Straw Hats would not become subordinate to Big Mom as a result of the marriage, as the wedding was only meant to complete the alliance between the Charlotte family and the Vinsmoke family; thus, when Sanji gets married, he automatically leaves the Straw Hats and joins the Big Mom Pirates. This further angers Luffy, who shakes his mink and says that Sanji will definitely refuse the marriage. However, Pekoms is extremely skeptical that he could refuse in front of his evil family and Big Mom and still keep his life. Luffy asks Pekoms what he’s going to do, and he replies that he’ll be back once his injuries are healed and he finishes his deal with Bege. Luffy orders Pekoms to take him with him, shocking Nami, and Luffy tells her that he will go alone to have a better chance of sneaking into the party.
Despite Pekoms’ arguments, Luffy escapes for Chopper. As he heads out, he runs past Zoro and asks his crew member if he heard everything, which Zoro confirms. Luffy laughs that Zoro is worried about Sanji, which annoys Zoro. Brook, Usopp, Chopper and Robin then head towards Luffy along with Nekomamushi who is excited to meet the pirate. Chopper tells him to go back to bed, but Nekomamushi ignores him as he hugs Luffy, causing him to start bleeding again. Law then comes in and demands to know what all the fuss is about. Luffy greets him and asks about his crew, and Law says he brought all 20 members to greet him. However, Luffy and Law then begin to discuss matters, causing Law’s crew to complain, with Law replying that he doesn’t need to mix with his allies.
Inside, Law reacts with shock upon discovering Sanji’s predicament. Luffy asks him to stay and guard the fight with Kaido, but Law reminds him that Kaido himself will probably find them soon, which would increase the damage to Zo. The minks cry in gratitude to Law and think of their safety, and Nekomamushi starts the party, which infuriates Chopper. While the pirates and Minks party all night, Robin, Franky, and Brook guard Zuneshu’s side to prevent the samurai from arriving, as the Minks would likely not be pleased to discover their alliance. The next morning, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and the mink monkey arrive at Zou while the Three Straw Hats are asleep. The samurai heads to the island and Kin’emon asks the mink what he knew about Raizo. The mink becomes embarrassed as he denies knowing anything about Raiz and rushes away in tears to report the samurai’s presence.

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