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Realizing that Kin’emon and Kanjuro had arrived and passed by, Franky, Robin and Brook quickly ran back to Mokomo Duchy, fearing that the Norse would not take it too well if they met Raizo’s friends as the Beast Pirates were looking for. almost destroyed the country. They are hoping to stop the samurai when they suddenly hear a bell ring. In the Duchy of Mokomo, the minks hear Bariete ring a bell and call out that the samurai have arrived. In the Fortress of the Right Belly, Inuarashi rides a crocodile boar and tells anyone who can move to head for the capital. Meanwhile, Kin’emon and Kanjuro are walking through the forest and wonder if they are welcome when they hear a bell ringing. However, Kin’emon asks if the Norse were the tribe that Law hates humans, and Momonosuke suddenly calls them out. Glad that Kanjuro is okay, Momonosuke asks him where Luffy and the others are, but Momonosuke tells them that he spent most of his time in his room.
In the Whale Forest, the other Straw Hats run to hold off the samurai. Nami tells a confused Luffy that the land is in an uproar due to the samurai’s presence, and Luffy thinks that means there will be another banquet, much to her disappointment. Nami says that Nekomamushi is leading an entire army to search for the samurai, and Nekomamushi and the Guardians arrive at Kurau City. Pedro is scouting from the top of a building when he sees something that shocks him and tells Nekomamushi that it would be best to retreat temporarily. However, Nekomamushi doesn’t hear him, and when he turns a corner, he comes face to face with Inuarashi. As the two approach each other, their subjects try to push them away and the samurai look on, wondering what is going on. Suddenly the Straw Hats run up to them and knock them over a piece of rubble. Relieved that they made it just in time, Nami tells the samurai to head back to the Thousand Sunny.
Inuarashi and Nekomamushi begin exchanging insults over the other’s severed limbs, with Inuarashi recalling Jack threatening to cut off his leg if he didn’t reveal Raizo’s location, and Nekomamushi angrily yelling at Jack’s cowardice. He started shaking the chains and the Pirate Beasts shouted to stop using his arms, causing Nekomamushi to tell them to use all their spears on him instead of the humans. In the present, the feud escalates as the rulers decide to fight to the death and clash with weapons. Suddenly, Kin’emon yells at them to stop, which shocks Usopp. The Norks recognize Kin’emon as a samurai when they step out into the open and Usopp desperately tells him to run. Kanjuro and Momonosuke emerge as the Straw Hats plead with them to stop, and Kin’emon introduces himself as the caretaker of the Kozuki family from Wano Country, revealing that they were looking for Raizo. Suddenly all the Norse including the two rulers kneel and bow their heads as they realize that Raizo is safe. The Straw Hats are amazed that the Norse knew about Raiz, and Usopp expresses his amazement that the Norse could die to let their lie to Jack. Nekomamushi asks the Straw Hats to forgive them for keeping it a secret, as they had been friends with the Kozuki family for a very long time and would never give them away even if it meant their demise.

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