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At the top of the whale-shaped tree, Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper surround Raizo in awe of his abilities, but the ninja says that he showed his ninja skills by accident. Raizo, Kin’emon and Kanjuro start crying and Chopper asks them why. They express their sadness at the destruction Zou has gone through, and Raizo promises to fix everything himself. Nekomamushi then approaches them and says that Robin’s translation of the red poneglyph was almost complete. Inside the tree, Nami stares at the piece of paper in shock, noting that the poneglyph’s message looks like a map. Inuarashi then reveals that this poneglyph is called the Road Poneglyph and is a guide to the end of the Great Line. The Straw Hats are amazed that this poneglyph can lead them to a story of laughter, but Inuarashi backs down and reveals that there are four road poneglyphs. He says that each poneglyph doesn’t lead to a laugh story, but rather to the island that surrounds it. When all four islands are found and connected, the path to Laugh Tale will be revealed.
The Straw Hats start celebrating and Luffy is excited to have the first clue to the location of the One Piece, but says that he will save Sanji first. Nekomamushi tells him that it would be possible since Big Mom and Kaidou each have a poneglyph on the road while the latter is in an unknown location. This scares Nami, Chopper, Usopp, and Brook, but Luffy doesn’t care because he always intended to defeat two of the four emperors. Nekomamushi says that they don’t have to steal the actual poneglyph, but they can copy its message onto the gyotaku. Usopp suggests they simply sneak in and make copies, which gets him and Luffy into a fight, and Nekomamushi tells Robin that the powerful pirates who collect the poneglyph messages will probably come after her since she’s the only one who can read them. However, she replies that she has equally strong crewmates, which they are happy to confirm.
Robin asks Nekomamushi how they knew so much about poneglyphs, and the ruler says that Kozuki Oden was interested in the stones. He then asks Inuarashi and Momonosuke if it was okay to tell them, and Momonosuke gives him permission. Nekomamushi states that the Kozuki family are master craftsmen who invented the poneglyph that shocks the Straw Hats 800 years ago. Luffy asks the samurai if they know what is written on the poneglyphs, but they say that it was never passed down from the generation that created them. Instead, the means to write and read the glyphs carved into poneglyphs were passed down, but the skill ended in Oden’s generation. Brook then realizes that Oden is dead, and the samurai and rulers break down in tears as they reveal that Oden was executed by Kaida and the Shogun of Wano Country. They say that Oden sacrificed himself to save them and that the Beast Pirates are currently occupying Wano Country. Zoro asks why he was executed and Kin’emon reveals that Kaidou wanted information about them because Oden traveled to Laugh Tale with Gol D. Roger and witnessed a great secret.

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