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Nekomamushi realizes where Luffy’s straw hat came from, and he and Inuarashi reveal that they have been riding aboard Gol D. Roger’s ship for some time. Luffy is stunned when the Norse reveal that they accompanied Kozuki Oden as his vassals and previously rode aboard Moby Dick with Whitebeard. Usopp tries to write it down chronologically as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi say that they didn’t step into the Laughter Story, but hugged each other as they reminisced about their adventures. Luffy asks the samurai if they were on Whitebeard’s ship as well, but they reply that they stayed in Wano Country, revealing that leaving its borders is a crime, but Oden did so anyway despite their attempts to stop him.
The samurai and pirates start talking about Roger and Whitebeard, with Franky and Brook talking about their connection with Roger, but Nami interrupts them. She asks about the connection between the path laid out by the Log Pose and the four Road Poneglyphs, but is cut off when Crocus is mentioned when the man is being talked about by pirates and mink. However, Inuarashi hears her and says that one already needs to know the poneglyph language before they reach the end, but says that Nami is already doing a good job as a navigator. Nami is congratulated by her crewmates as Usopp tries to wrap his head around the mink connection to history. Momonosuke says that he once met Roger, but Usopp knows that he is obviously lying since Roger was executed over 20 years ago.
Nekomamushi states that one day they will tell the whole story, but now they have to plan their moves. Nekomamushi reveals that they are gathering samurai to prepare for the war against Kaido and are also looking for Marco as he can help them increase their power. Luffy remembers Marco’s name but not his appearance until Robin helps him and he remembers from two years ago. Franky questions this quest, and Inuarashi reveals to the pirates that Marco led the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in a battle against Blackbeard a year ago. They suffered a crushing defeat and then went missing, but Luffy wants to see them again to thank them for saving them at the Summit War of Marineford. Kin’emon wishes to return to the land of Wano, and Law says that they can enter the country secretly with his submarine. Suddenly the other Minks see Raizo and celebrate and Raizo thanks them. Luffy is eager to attend the mink banquet, but Nami stops him, saying that they had to set sail for Sanji. Nami says she’ll come because she feels responsible for what happened, and Chopper comes as well to tend to Pekoms’ wounds. Brook joins in as well and Robin tells Luffy to make a copy of the poneglyph if he can find one. Suddenly the island starts to shake and Nekomamushi hears Zunesha crying. Then Luffy hears an unknown voice.

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