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Chopper and the Minks finish dressing the wounds on Zunesha’s front left leg, and Miyagi expresses his amazement at the techniques Chopper learned in the Sakura Kingdom and the Torino Kingdom. Chopper notes that changing the bandages will be a lot of work, but the minks are up to the task. Miyagi then comments that he took Zou for granted as he lived there his whole life, but today he was reminded that he and the minks were allowed to live on Zunesh and one day that arrangement would end. Now that he knows Zunesha can communicate, Miyagi says he wants to ask him where it’s going.
In Kurau City, Momonosuke tells Kin’emon that he wants to stay on Zou so he can communicate with Zunesha and possibly find out more about the Kozuki family. Kin’emon understands this, but says that there are some in the land of Wano who are waiting for their return. However, Inuarashi tells him that he would stay with Momonosuke to keep Zou safe from Kaida and avoid everyone flocking to Wano. Kin’emon states that they will split into four teams: Luffy’s team rescuing Sanji, Kin’emon’s team heading to Wano, Nekomamushi’s team looking for Marco, and Momonosuke and Inuarashi’s team staying on Zou. They discuss how the teams will communicate since the mink tribe didn’t use Den Den Mushis. However, Franky replies that he can make some using wild forest snails if necessary.
At the edge of the Whale Forest residential area, Luffy screams in shock as he sees Pekoms’ house destroyed. However, Pekoms calls out to Luffy from the wreckage with his turtle shell activated. Pekoms complains that he can’t be alone as he transforms back into his normal form and reveals to Luffy that he ate the Kame Kame no Mi and that its shell is as hard as a diamond. Luffy replies that Chopper will take care of him on their journey and wraps a cloth around the mink’s body and runs off to make their way despite Pekoms’ protests. Meanwhile, Pedro reports to Nekomamushi and says it’s unfair that no mink, except for Pekoms, is part of Sanji’s rescue mission. Nekomamushi asks if Pedro wants to go too, which he confirms. However, Shishilian and the three Inuarashi Musketeers arrive, stating that it is their duty to see to Sanji’s rescue. Wanda, Tristan, Blackback, Roddy, and Yomo also try to go for various reasons, and several other mink dogs want to come just to chew on Brook. However, Nekomamushi claims that he left it up to Pedro because he was the only one who can keep Pekoms in line.
Elsewhere, Usopp gives Nami an enhanced Clima-Tact, which grows significantly when pressed, as Usopp uses Pop Green’s growth powers. Nami is concerned about its length, but Usopp reveals that it can be changed depending on how hard Nami squeezes the staff. He made sure to include all of Nami’s weather devices, except for the ‘magic wand’ that he couldn’t wrap his head around. Nami tests her powers, scaring nearby minks and thanks Usopp for doing it. However, when Usopp tries to collect a fee for it, Nami turns invisible.
At the main gate, Sanji’s rescue team gathers and says goodbye to the others on Zo. Pekoms wonders why Pedro is there, to which the latter replies that he came as someone familiar with the former’s tendencies. Zoro expresses concern about what might happen, but Luffy laughs it off as the people on Zo say their goodbyes, with Zoro promising to gather the samurai on Wano and Franky promising to build something new to fight Kaida. Kanjuro offers to help dismount, but is turned down as Luffy grabs all of his companions and jumps off the elephant, shocking everyone. As they fall, Luffy says he will see everyone else in Wano.
Meanwhile, in Arabasta, Nefertari Vivi tells her father to hurry to the ship, and someone notices that she is in a very good mood. Vivi says it’s been so long since she went to sea.

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