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Pedro shows the rest of the Sanji Retrieval Team a newspaper that explains the destruction of Baltigo. Luffy notices Sabo’s picture and reveals to the crew that Sabo is his other brother. Nami and Brook are shocked to learn about Sabo and Nami asks Luffy why all of his siblings are such dangerous people. Meanwhile, Luffy sees a picture of Dragon as Nami remembers how Garp claimed that Dragon was Luffy’s father. Luffy is comically surprised to realize that this man is his father, while Nami questions how he just figured that out. Luffy casually states that his father is nothing like him, as Carrot is even more surprised by the fact that Dragon is Luffy’s father.
However, Luffy is more curious about Sabo’s fate. Reading the newspaper reveals that the Marines and Cipher Pol were initiated by an unidentified person, but by the time they arrived at the site, the Blackbeard Pirates had destroyed the site. Luffy is enraged as he remembers Blackbeard’s actions, while Nami is confused as to why Blackbeard would do such a thing. Luffy speculates that Sabo’s fight with Burgess might have something to do with the attack. The fate of the revolutionaries seems to be at large as there is not much information about what happened to them.
Pedro assures the crew that Dragon and Sabo don’t need to be hurt, as it would be big news that they must be safe, much to Luffy’s relief. Meanwhile, Chopper alerts the crew to a fire due to the stove that Luffy forgot to turn off. As the group panics, a storm approaches. At Zou, Bariete informed Wanda that Carrot had snuck away with Sanji’s rescue team and apologized for being bribed by Carrot and not informing her of Carrot’s departure. Wanda shows that she is not afraid, she believes in Luffy and his group. He then asks Inuarashi, who is guarding, to rest and says that they can set up guards. Inuarashi is concerned about how the Beast Pirates found Zou and suspects that they had the carte vivre that led them to the island. Although Inuarashi had hoped that they had lost the means to track the Zou after Jack’s fleet sank, he fears that they might return.
Immobilized underwater, Jack is extremely angry and awaits rescue. In his hideout, a drunken Kaido was informed of Jack’s failure to save Doflamingo and is shown crying in front of his subordinates, telling them how his dream of the Devil Fruit Crew was destroyed because he cannot get another SMILE and increase the number of Gifts. His emotions immediately turn to anger and he yells that Law and Luffy don’t know who they’re messing with. Eustass Kid is shown imprisoned in a cell, beaten and injured.
Back in the Sunny, the storm has passed and Luffy presents his cooking to his group, who find his food completely inedible. Nami then discovers that they have lost all of their food supplies. To their horror, Luffy wasted all of their supplies at once.
On the way to Whole Cake Island, Sanji is spotted with Tamago on Big Mom’s ship, who suggests that he join Big Mom as his father wants, saying that Sanji will easily win Big Mom’s favor with his cooking. Sanji states that he has cut all ties with his family and bluntly states that his hands will not cook for people without respect for their own crew members, referring to the Pekoms incident. He further states that he only trained in hell for his friends. Finally, Vito comes up with a picture of Pudding, who just came from Whole Cake Island. Vito understood Sanji’s defiance and decided to show Sanji the photo as a courtesy. Sanji then looked at the photo and found that the pudding was beautiful, making her fall in love with him.

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