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The hooded man on the Germa 66 asks the straw pirates why they entered Big Mom’s territory. Aboard the Thousand Sunny, the Sanji Retrieval Team hastily furls sails to avoid crashing into Germina’s much larger ship. The watching Germa 66 soldiers remark to the hooded figure that Sanji should not have been escorted onto the Straw Hats’ ship, and the hooded man agrees that they must have missed him.
The Sanji Retrieval Team, believing the hooded man to be Sanji, starts cheering and calling out to him; Chopper also begs him to bring some antidote for the poisoned Luffy. However, the man removes his hood and reveals that he is not Sanji, but Vinsmoke Yonji (though he understands their mistake). The Straw Hats realize that he must be Sanji’s younger brother, and as if to confirm their relationship, Yonji instantly falls in love when he sees Nami. Despite this, Yonji orders the ship to turn around, but Chopper continues to call him Sanji, much to his annoyance. Chopper begs Yonji for an antidote to Luffy’s poison, but Yonji instead prompts the team to raid Germa 66’s ship for a cure. Angry that his personality is not like Sanji’s, the Straw Hats prepare to attack Pedro.
Suddenly, a woman appears behind Yonji and kicks him off the ship before jumping off the ship herself and landing aboard the Sunny. The woman, Vinsmoke Reiju, welcomes the Straw Hats and apologizes for her brother’s behavior. Yonji jumps out of the water and expresses anger at his sister for embarrassing him, but Reiju counters that he was ashamed. Brook notices Yonji floating in the air, and Pekoms reveals that the reason Big Mom is so eager to ally with the Vinsmoke family is to gain access to Germa 66’s advanced technology. Brook expresses confusion at this, revealing his understanding that “Vinsmoke” was the name of the royal family line that once ruled the entire North Blue with its military might. Nami expresses great shock at their shame; However, Yonji overhears this and states that their name was once synonymous with evil, which is why they appear as villains in the Sora comics. Reiju praises Brook for his knowledge of history, but corrects him by stating that the Vinsmoke family still has noble status despite no longer ruling any country, and that this status is recognized by their right to visit the Levels.
Reiju notices Luffy dying and discovers that he has eaten an armored stone fish from the Boiling Sea. Chopper is upset that he couldn’t cure Luffy, but Reiju says that Luffy is lucky because this poison is her favorite treat. He then puts his mouth on Luffy’s and sucks out the poison (much to Brook’s envy), and the Straw Hats watch the rash transfer from Luffy to Reiju until Luffy’s skin clears up completely. Surprised, Chopper asks Reiju if she’s okay, to which Reiju dismissively replies that she’s “Poison Pink”.
Luffy immediately wakes up and is hugged by a crying Chopper and Carrot, though he has no memory of his ordeal and asks to eat more fish skin. Luffy then notices Reiju and mistakes her for Sanji, but Chopper corrects him and Brook tells him that she saved his life. Reiju thanks the Straw Hats for everything they’ve done for Sanji up to this point and reveals that he left their family at a very young age and that their father has been looking for him ever since. She also revealed that when Sanji’s first bounty poster started circulating, their father sent Marine Command to arrest him; however, due to Sanji’s poor portrayal, the Marines ended up chasing Duval instead. Two years later, when the Marines finally managed to capture an accurate picture of Sanji, their father personally increased his reward and ordered the reward condition changed to “Only Alive”. Nami asks where Sanji is, but Reiju replies that he doesn’t know; Luffy then thanks Reiju for saving him, but demands that she return Sanji to them. Yonji tells a smiling Reiju that she saved the enemy before asking Pekoms why he was hanging out with the Straw Hats. Pekoms claims that he has his own reasons and that he was under no obligation to reveal them to Germa, and Reiju jumps back aboard the Germa 66. The two Vinsmokes warn the Straw Hats that both sides should keep quiet about their meeting to avoid an incident that would endanger wedding. Reiju and Yonji then sail away, with Reiju wishing the Straw Hats luck.
Meanwhile, Aladine surveys the underwater scene, informs Jinbe that Luffy is indeed on board, and requests further orders.

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