One Piece Manga Chapter 83

One Piece Manga Chapter 83

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Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji face Arlong, Hatchan, Chew and Kuroobi. Usopp accidentally attacks Chew and is banished from Arlong Park, while Luffy ends up with his feet stuck in concrete. Arlong picks up the concrete Luffy is trapped in and throws him into the pool, leaving him stuck underwater.
The citizens of Cocoyasi Village express their shock at Luffy taking out Momoo with his attack on the windmill, and the Straw Hats prepare to attack the Arlong Pirates. Chew, Hatchan, and Kuroobi tell Arlong to sit down while they deal with the Straw Hats, as if he should fight, Arlong Park could end up being destroyed, and Hatchan shoots a massive jet of ink from his mouth. Luffy is caught in a spray of ink and is blinded; he also accidentally buried his feet in the concrete and can’t move. Hatchan picks up the massive piece of the tower that Luffy damaged and slams it at him, but Sanji steps in and destroys the piece with his foot. Sanji addresses the fishmen, who try to tell him about their superiority over humans, while Usopp unsuccessfully tries to pull Luffy off the ground.
Hatchan ignores Sanji to throw another piece of the tower at Luffy, but is confronted by Zoro. Hatchan throws a large piece at Zoro and expresses his anger at what the human pirate did to his friends earlier, but Zoro ignores it and simply declares that the Arlong Pirates will be defeated. Usopp was relieved that Zoro had attacked Hatchan, but accidentally let go of Luffy, causing him to jump back to where his feet are and knock Chew back. Enraged, Chew chases after Usopp, who escapes all the way from Arlong Park. Chew stops in front of the citizens and notes that their weapons indicate a rebellion against the Arlong Pirates, but Usopp then shoots him with Kaen Boshi. Usopp tells Chew that he is his enemy, but starts to run away as Chew chases after him again, confusing the citizens.
Meanwhile, Arlong gets up despite Kuroobi’s protests, but says he just wants to say something. Luffy throws a punch at him but Arlong catches it. He asks Luffy if he really thinks he can beat them, and Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji confirm this. Arlong then decides not to say anything and instead picks up the piece of concrete that Luffy is stuck in, planning to throw it into the water and drown the pirate. Luffy tries to attack him, but Arlong catches the blow with his mouth and his teeth injure Luffy’s arm. Luffy retaliates by biting Arlong’s arm, but it does nothing when Arlong throws him into the pool. Luffy is immobilized as he sinks due to the concrete and his Devil Fruit powers, and Sanji tries to go in and save him, but Zoro says that the Arlong Pirates were leading them into a trap and they would have to take out the fishmen. save Luffy.

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