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A few hours ago, Jinbe told the Sun Pirates that he wanted to join the Straw Hat Pirates because he believed that Luffy would become the Pirate King and bring peace to Fish-Man Island. Aladine replied that with how passionately Jinbe spoke about Luffy, he should go and follow his desires. Jinbe was confused that he was talking about Luffy so much and his classmates figured that Jinbe had become a pirate and joined Big Mom to protect them, so they were willing for him to do something for himself for a change. The Sun Pirates said they could take care of themselves and Jinbe was extremely grateful, even though the fish men were afraid of what Big Mom would say. This would particularly place Aladine as he married Charlotte Praline, the 29th daughter of the Charlotte family. Praline then appeared and yelled at Aladdin, thinking that she would leave her if the fishmen argued with Big Mom, but Aladine assured her that she would negotiate with Big Mom. But Praline said there was no need to negotiate as she would follow him anywhere and gave him a loving hug. Jinbe asked Praline if they would incur Big Mom’s wrath by leaving, and she replied that no one who tried to leave survived.
Back in Sweet City, Charlotte Moscato’s body is carried away as a citizen asks Mont d’Or if Jinbe will be killed as well, but doesn’t know what Big Mom will do. Inside the Whole Cake Castle, Big Mom talks to Jinbe about cutting ties with her, and some of the cake pieces tearfully ask him why he’s going. Big Mom eats them, saying she doesn’t care about the reason and that pirates should live free. However, he says that he will lose a valuable and powerful resource, so it’s only good that Jinbe loses something too. Then a roulette wheel is drawn with images of arms, legs, heads and crowns on the slots.
As night falls, the Sanji Retrieval Team stands on a solid sea of ​​sweet syrup. Luffy wants to sleep through the night, but Nami doesn’t want to be attacked again by the giant ants they just sent out. Pedro says the sea will start flowing again at dawn, but it froze overnight and the team is trying to unfreeze it. Brook says he put the ants to sleep but when he wakes up it will be chaos and Pedro says his ship was once eaten by these ants. Luffy wonders why he was in Totto Land before, and Carrot reveals that Pedro was once a pirate with Pekoms, though Pedro says he only accompanied Pekoms halfway. They were on their way to find the poneglyphs for Nekomamushi, but it ended when they reached Totto Land because Pedro fell there. The team is shocked to hear this, and Nami thinks it must be bringing back bad memories for Pedro, but says he’s happy to help others on this journey. Pedro states that he heard Nekomamushi and Inuarashi show the Straw Hats the Road Poneglyph on Zou, which surprised him since they hadn’t shown it to strangers since the Roger Pirates showed it 26 years ago. Pedro knows that the rulers must trust that the Straw Hats will follow in Roger’s footsteps, so he tells them that Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph will come in handy after they defeat Kaidou, so they should steal it while they’re here. He then asks Luffy to buy him time to sneak in and steal him while they rescue Sanji, to which Luffy agrees, and Nami tells Luffy that the arrangement isn’t that easy. Chopper then notices the ants are awake again as they rush to the ship before Luffy and Brook have a brief conversation about fate.
The next morning, the team arrives at Whole Cake Island and Pedro reveals that the tallest cake is Big Mom’s castle. Nami intends to go straight to avoid security, and Luffy suddenly sees someone standing on the shore.

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