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On the southwest coast of Whole Cake Island, Luffy and Carrot get excited when the Shark Submerge III emerges from Channel 3, with Pedro and Brook inside. Pedro apologizes to Luffy for taking Brook on his quest, but Brook says that he should be able to help infiltrate and steal Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph by disconnecting his soul from his body, which scares Carrot. Luffy says goodbye to Pedro and Brook and says that they will be waiting after meeting Sanji and Pudding. Pedro reminds them to stay alert and remember the message Pekoms left. Shark Submerge III submerges as Pedro and Brook pilot it down the river towards Big Mom’s castle, going deep to avoid detection.
Luffy is excited about his adventure on Whole Cake Island and calls out for Sanji and Pudding. Nami asks if Luffy actually saw them earlier like he said, which Luffy confirms as Chopper and Carrot taste the ground meringue. Luffy walks up the hill and says that he saw Sanji and Pudding standing right where he was, but he disappeared after briefly looking away. Suddenly, Luffy sees Sanji standing by a tree and he, Carrot, and Chopper rush towards him. However, Nami doesn’t see Sanji there and wonders what her crew members are doing as they lose sight of Sanji as well. Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot are immediately mesmerized by the forest in front of them, which is made entirely of candy, and call out to Sanji. Nami decides to take their visions of Sanji seriously, but wonders why he would hide from them. Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot decide to split up and search for Sanji, though they are more interested in the sweet treats on their travels, but Nami tells them to stop. Luffy tells her that they should follow their instincts, but Nami questions their motives, saying that they will search for Sanji together. As they walk across the bridge, Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot are constantly distracted by candy, which Nami scolds them for. He reminds his crew members that they are in enemy territory and should turn back if they don’t find Sanji soon, which disappoints them. However, the trio are still distracted by the pile of sweets, and when Nami yells at them again, a giant crocodile jumps out from under them, its mouth open.
The team barely has time to race across the rest of the bridge when the crocodile takes a giant bite out of it. Chopper asks Luffy if they should fight the crocodile, but Luffy says there’s no need as the crocodile, wearing a bowler hat and suspenders, notes out loud that they’re only humans. It then walks away on its hind legs, causing Luffy to become angry that he didn’t find them delicious, much to Nami’s displeasure. Nami tells her crew that the crocodile they encountered is the definition of strange and dangerous. However, Luffy questions that after everything she’s seen since entering the Grand Line, she should really be scared at this point (and points to Chopper and Carrot, who fall into the same category of weird people), so Nami, after she realized that, she was left embarrassed. He admits that he is right, but still wants to go back and wait on the coast. Suddenly, Luffy sees a different version of himself, which shocks his classmates. Both Luffys ask who the other is at the same time, making the same movements and expressions. They begin to threaten each other with the same thing and mirror each other’s actions as if they were reflections of each other. Chopper and Nami are extremely confused about what’s going on, and Carrot sees Sanji lying on a tree branch. The Sanji Retrieval Team calls out to Sanji, saying that they came to retrieve him and were wondering where Pudding was. Luffy heads towards Sanji, but ends up running into the other version of him, causing them to get into a fistfight as Chopper sees Sanji running away again. The two Luffys tell the others to go after Sanji as they continue to fight, balancing each blow and wondering who the other one is.
While chasing Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot come across a large man buried up to his neck in the ground, scaring both parties. They ask the man who buried him and he tells them that he is here because he likes being buried. The man asks them for some juice, causing Chopper to become enraged at his insanity, forcing Nami to drag Chopper away as the pirates ignored the buried man and continued to run after Sanji. The man offers to share the direction Sanji took if they give him apple juice from the waterfall, but the team is suddenly forced to duck when a rabbit mounts a large bird and swings a spear at it, slicing several alive. trees. Deeply confused by the madness of the forest, Nami tries to convince the others to return, saying that if Sanji was really there, he wouldn’t sit idly by while this happened. However, their compasses and watches begin to spin continuously as everything in the Enchanted Forest comes to life, intent on covering the escape from the pirates and playing a game of death.

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